Guiding the Storm

When you were young, what did you want from life?  Most of you would have mentioned family, friends, playtime, happiness and security (both physical and financial).  Opportunities to grow and to explore would also be high on the list.

In recent years, however, we have observed that many of you have elevated one thing of importance over all others – physical and financial security.  We understand this because we went through a similar experience in the past.  When your planet is going through unsettled times, a natural response is to hunker down until it all passes.

Hunker down. Protect yourself.  Survive.

So now you are sticking with that soul-sucking job because you might not find a new one.  Classes for new hobbies and skills are rejected beforehand for fear you might fail.  You dismiss the opportunity to extend a hand in friendship to a stranger because it could add complications to your already stressful life. You deny your instinct to be generous, because that might cause a shortfall in your life later on.  Instead, you lock your door and spend your time staring at a lighted screen. 

We agree that it’s important to have physical and financial security, but is this the life you envisioned as a child?  Working so much you have no time for friends or for playing?  Deliberately curbing your desire to grow and to learn?

We didn’t think so.

We understand this because we did the same thing.  We built walls around ourselves and turned inwards.  Our priority was to weather the storm – to ride it out – with the aim of picking up the pieces afterwards.  

We never considered that it might be possible to direct the course of the storm itself.

This is possible?  Yes, it is, and we’re not referring to political involvement here (although if that’s what interests you, go for it). We’re talking about stepping outside, breathing deeply, and appreciating your world.  Look at the life around you and be amazed at how beautiful and precious it is.  Are there dark storm clouds with thunder and lightening?  Marvel at them.  Is there a blue sky with fluffy white clouds?  Be grateful.  Is the sky full of stars?  Feel awe.

Your appreciation of life is key to changing the course of the storm.  While you are only one person, when you shift your mindset from fear to appreciation and gratitude, you also shift the vibration around you.  When many people shift vibrations, the very environment changes, and thus the path – and the nature – of the storm will change.

When the situation first arose on our worlds, we chose to protect ourselves rather than take potentially dangerous steps into the unknown.  Moving forward would have threatened the balance of power.  Having to learn new things risked bringing about failure.  Opening our minds and our hearts would have led to the realization that we weren’t the center of the universe.  Safer to stay closed.

We wasted nearly half a millennia with our fixation on protecting ourselves.

Of course it’s easy enough to see that now.  We kick ourselves thinking about how our lives could have gone had we not been so short sighted, the adventures we would have had and the insights we would have gained.  By putting security and stability above everything else, we actually suppressed the very things that made us valuable and amazing.  It took us 500 years to wake up and see the beauty and joy in life.     

While the causes of the unsettled times on Earth and the unsettled times on our planets are different, the solution is the same – live the best life you can.  It’s not your responsibility to save the world.  It is, however, your responsibility to be the best you can in terms of community, creativity, productivity and spirituality.

One by one you can change the vibration.

Together you can guide the storm. 

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  1. This is a great read! Very inspirational!

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