It Depends on You

When you ask about whether humanity is receiving – or has available to it – assistance from guides/spirits/aliens, the simple answer is yes.  But…(there is always a but) whether communication actually occurs depends entirely on you.

It depends on you because you first need to adjust your preconceptions about what communication actually is.  If you are expecting a strange voice to pop into your head and start talking, the vast majority of you will be sorely disappointed.  Likewise if you are hoping for an invitation to tour that spaceship that just landed in the field behind your house.  In fact, the bulk of communication that humanity will experience with guides/spirits/aliens will fail to be included in any category of events that would make a good movie.

Apart from voices in your head and tours of spaceships, what other forms might communication take?  Ideas, joy, nudges and opportunities – that idea that pops into your head when you are halfway between sleep and waking up, the joy you feel when you stumble across a subject or issue you never knew existed, the compulsion inside you to reach out to a friend you haven’t contacted in years, and the synchronicity of circumstances lining up when there is the possibility of changing your life.

Some may protest that these styles of communication are overly subtle.  We don’t disagree, especially since life on your world is so very dense and the background noise can be overwhelming.  This is another reason why communication depends on you – you will need to filter out distractions and complications in order to recognize true messages.  While most of you are receiving information, you are not paying attention.  This is why we repeatedly encourage you to develop a regular meditation practice – you need to quiet your internal dialogue and listen for truth.

The third part of why communication with guides/spirits/aliens depends on you is your own response to these initial forms of communication.  Will you remain immobile or will you move forward?  Will you work on that idea that popped into your head?  Will you pick up the phone and make the call?  Will you take that unexpected job offer?

Will you take the red pill or the blue?

Some people will feel a certain amount of disappointment upon hearing this advice; meditating (so tedious!) is not nearly exciting as seeing spirits, and making a telephone call is much less appealing than touring spaceships.  This brings us to the fourth reason why communication with guides/spirits/aliens depends on you – humanity needs to raise its vibration.

Do not imagine we cannot see your eyes glazing over.  But even though you consider this boring, raising your vibration is critically important for communication in realities that are less physical than your planet’s.  Most of you, if you make even the tiniest of efforts, will be able to tune in to messages from your Higher Self and your other guides.   With greater intent you will be able to make connections with your loved ones who have passed on or with the earth and nature energies associated with your planet.  But communicating with aliens – with intelligent beings who have little to no connection with your planet – will require much more.

While this is becoming much easier due to the shifting frequencies and vibrational change which your planet is experiencing, communication with aliens is not a given.  You truly have to choose – and then take steps to put that choice into action.

Please choose us.  We have worked hard to get us this far.  Now it’s up to you



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