What Do You Wonder About?

I’ve been doing channeled writing for nearly seven years now.  During that entire time I never sat down beforehand to plan out what I should channel about.  My attitude was If I’m meant to channel it will come and Whatever information I am meant to write about, I will receive.  I shied away from thinking about my own wants and desires or about satisfying my own curiosity because that would be greedy.  I should just be satisfied with what is put in front of me and not ask for more.


I’m sure that many of you, in my place, might have had the same reaction.  We are taught by society that to be a good person is to be obedient, to not stick out, to color within the lines.  We should be grateful for what we have and not ask for more.

The problem with that frame of mind is that it prevents us from striving, from creating, and from exploring.  It keeps us safely ensconsed within a box where we accept what is preordained by others and dismiss what does not agree with that reality.  We are the proverbial good servant who, upon being given a certain amount of gold by our master, buries the treasure in the ground to keep it safe.  There is no discovery.  There is no evolution.  There is no creation.  There is no advancement.

At this time my channeled writing falls into three broad categories: 1) the development/evolution of individuals, 2) the development/evolution of society, and 3) humans and aliens.  But I wonder if there is some other topic we should be talking about that would take us to the next level.  Maybe asking questions is the way to signal that we are ready and to do what is needed is order to transform our reality.  Maybe we need to take the initiative to indicate that we are willing to take that next step.

So I’m asking you, What do you want to know about?

Seriously.  What are you wondering about?  What are you dreaming?  If you could find out about anything in the universe what would that be?  What truths about reality do you want to learn?  Email me at info@morethanpassingstrange.com (the website’s comment section is not working at the moment) and send me your ideas for channeled topics.

I’m taking orders.

Be greedy.



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