You Will Be All Right – Channeled Material

Your world is so beautiful and there exist limitless opportunities for each of you – opportunities to learn, to love, to create, and to go through hardship and find out who you really are. Your society, however, seems to be grounded on fearing what is not yet there, on misfortunes that could possibly occur in the future – things like loss of employment, failure to find employment in the first place, one’s ability to pay bills, possible accidents that may befall you or your loved ones, whether you’ll reach the level of success (the definition of which is often determined by others) you desire, illnesses not yet acquired, love not yet discovered, and so on and so forth.

Worry1Did we mention that your whole society is like this? Yes, your whole society is crazy with fear and worry, and it would take a lot of work to escape this mindset. Your leaders have risen to a level of fear mongering that is impressive, creating artificial divisions and sowing discord. Your media outlets focus on the flash and the bang, believing that increased adrenaline levels in their viewers are a greater sign of success than reporting accurate and informative stories. Individuals are bombarded with the message that they are not enough, that the world is dangerous, and that in order to be safe they must hand over their money, their thoughts and their power.

The bigger problem, however, is that people have become lazy. It is easier to eat and drink that which is placed before you rather than to take a moment to consider whether the meal is healthy and, if not, to go off and find your own sustenance. But if you go off looking for your own nourishment you will often be criticized by those who do not, because your actions are an implied criticism of their own inaction. And, let’s face it, there is something comfortingly self-righteous about being able to identify with what is accepted as the correct and successful path in life.

The economic and power structures of society depend on people believing that if they do certain things – if they undertake certain actions – they will be safe. So, as sheep, people go to school, get a good job, make money, buy a house, have a family and purchase insurance. Then they hunker down and teach the pattern to the next generation. Dreams are relinquished; experiences are not taken; opportunities are foregone; thinking is given up in favor of being entertained – all in the interest of keeping oneself and one’s loved ones safe.

While we said it would take a lot of work to escape this mindset, we did not say it would be impossible.

Should you decide to reject society’s construct of reality, it will be easier if you remember one thing – you will be all right. Safety is not guaranteed by becoming successful in life, although we will not try to dissuade anyone from walking that path if that is the one they want to take. But playing it safe is not why you are here; living your life is. Take that trip overseas, go on a picnic on the next sunny day, or major in something at university that will not result in a prestigious job when you graduate.

We cannot promise that you will not be mugged, that you will not get sick or that you will not struggle with finances, because that may indeed happen. But we promise that whatever happens you will be all right. If you are mugged, you will be all right. If you are poor your entire life, you will be all right. If you get sick and die, you will be all right. Everything will be all right if you give yourself the opportunity, the freedom and – yes – the permission to live your life rather than remaining paralyzed in fear of events that may never come to pass. You will be all right if you deliberately live each moment as it comes.

Worry4Because there are really only two things in the universe: yourself, and the now. And because we are all one, there is really only the now.

So stop worrying and start living; you will be all right.







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