“It’s Our Turn Now” – Channeled Writing

Humanity’s guides are tired of waiting for us to complete our vibrational shift.  In this channeled writing they tell us we are strong and wonderful – and that we need to “get it” before we can proceed on to the next steps.


We have spent the last several sessions – maybe all of them – doing our best to encourage, advise, comfort and inspire. Some of us have had coaches and guides; others of us have not. We have seen it makes for a much smoother transitionary process when you have someone at your side who has gone through the same thing before. Someone who understands what is happening when you are confused. Someone who sees the onward path when you find yourself sightless.

We are that someone for humanity.

And please understand that we are chafing at the bit.

Don’t get us wrong – we all volunteered to be here and are happy that we undertook this service. It is gratifying to bear witness as humanity moves forward in its development. We feel both grateful and satisfied that we have played some small part in your progress. We lament your setbacks; we cheer at your every success.

And yet we are holding back.

We are holding back because you are not there yet. We hold back in what we say, in what we share and in what we show. Humanity has not yet made the vibrational shift, and while we are extremely optimistic you will, there is still a chance you will not. And until humanity reaches that point we must limit our interactions.  Frankly, we are getting tired.

Have you ever wondered what life will be like afterwards?

The energy is amazing. Communication is a vibration you pluck out of the air when you need it. Interstellar travel is like being a drop of water in a cold, rushing river. And the awareness is so deep and so powerful and so beautiful it will make you cry.

Vibrational Shift is necessaryAnd now it’s our turn.  This is the part where we stop giving you gentle encouragement and start shaking you until your teeth rattle because you need to get this! Stop staring at your belly buttons and gaze up at the stars! Stop watching replays of horrific events and seek out the beauty in a leaf or a smile. Stop feeling weak and helpless as you watch the machinations of your political and economic elites. Instead, become aware of – really understand – how powerful you are. And then become it.

Yes, we are sounding impatient because we are. We have been waiting for a long time.  You are ready for this, you have this, and yet you persist in clinging to your familiar, well-worn ruts. You refuse to lift your head, while out in the universe we sing and create and explore. You are ready to join us now. We are eager to welcome you.

Please come.  We are so tired.


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