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In your society today there is a lot of emphasis placed on “proving” things with data and information. Is the economy improving? Look at the statistics. Are you raising your children the right way? Read the reports. Is God on your side? Find passages in the Bible, the Koran or other religious texts to bolster your position. Should you invest? Look at how the stock market is doing.

Video Stream2There are several things that trouble us about this over-reliance on outside sources in your decision-making processes. There is, after all, a book titled “How to Lie With Statistics” for a reason. You can prove or disprove either side of nearly any argument with “facts.” This should be obvious. We are not trying to say that the truth is not important, just that the truth and facts are oftentimes not the same. Too many people have gotten into the habit of looking for facts on which to base their decisions rather than searching out the fundamental truth.

When you live your life according to known facts, you should make sure you know where those facts came from. Your media has been commandeered by those with power and money, so there is small likelihood that you will uncover “facts” that would cause you to take difficult steps to challenge the status quo. And if you are relying on facts, you will always be able to find sufficient data that will “prove” that your view is the correct one, that you need to take measures to protect you and yours, and that other people who are right also think and behave as do you. Frankly, to us this looks like a recipe for disaster – a form of thought-ghettoization with a good dose of smugness thrown in.

And relying on facts causes you to live a life that is too small for your spirit. You are told that your world is a dangerous place, so you hunker down to protect yourself instead of exploring the beautiful places and meeting the wonderful individuals who inhabit your planet. Your media repeatedly and shrilly broadcasts facts about the difficulty in obtaining steady employment, so you stay in a job that is unsatisfying and tedious rather than take a chance on a more creative position that would be less secure.

But more importantly, by relying on outside facts to guide you, you are giving away your power – your power of discernment, of observation and of being able to tell right from wrong – to others. And we have already explained to you how trustworthy those other sources are.

Maya Quote4We aren’t suggesting you totally ignore the facts, but that you don’t neglect to check in with your gut when making decisions. That inner sense that tells you when something is not quite right – or that explodes with joy when an unnexpected possibility crosses your path – is truth revealing itself to you. It might be a fact that staying in your unsatisfying job would be the financially safer and more prudent course of action. But it also might be a fundamental truth that you would be happier and help craft a more remarkable reality for this world by choosing to take a different position.   Do you stay in that relationship in which everything points to your partner being a great match, or do you listen to your gut telling you that you should leave? In both cases, it would be a mistake to just look at the facts; instead, look for the truth.

Listening to intuition and trusting your gut – these are the ways to find your truth. While being guided by truth is not always as safe and easy as being guided by facts, the life you live will be more joyful and authentic.

Find your truth; live your life. This is why you are here.



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  1. Gut feelings are often messages from the Universe; facts may or may not support your decisions but wisdom does.

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