Doomsday and the Tides of Time – Channeled Writing

There was much excitement on your planet surrounding the Mayan calendar’s prediction of the end of time in 2012.  Many people expected the Apocalypse or some other type of world cataclysm.  It’s pretty clear now that doomsday did not occur.  Why not?  The Mayans weren’t predicting the end of life as you know it; they were only making a calendar, and hadn’t yet got around to making the next one.  Think about it – you wouldn’t hurry to buy a calendar for the following year if it was only early April, especially if each of your months lasted over 400 years.

What were the Mayans predicting?  Nothing; they were only marking time.  Marking time and tracking the Earth’s position within the cosmos and the vibrational influences that would affect their society.  The Mayans were noting patterns and recording them.  The patterns and vibrations and the ebb and flow of energies all affect development and activities here on your planet. Good administrators take heed of things like that.

As your planet moves through the universe, it is exposed to different vibrations depending upon its position in space.  Those who speak of the “tides of time” are not far off.  And now your planet is located within a time and a space in which humanity will be able to access abilities and achieve spiritual evolution more easily than previously.  There will not be a wholesale physical and spiritual transformation of the human race as some New Age gurus have been predicting.  Instead, those who are interested in self-expansion will be able to achieve this with less effort.  But keep in mind that this is a free will universe, and those who wish to stay as they are can do so.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Those who incarnated on this Earth are all here to go through different experiences and to learn different lessons.  Learning how to bend spoons will not necessarily help these individuals to reach their goals.

There are tides in time.  In your planet’s history there were different tides that encouraged the building of monuments, the formation of governments, the development of scientific inquiry, and organization into societies.  Humans were not required to do so, but when the Earth was within these vibrational tides, it was much easier to accomplish.   Many did not; they used their free will to explore other paths.  Others, however, rushed forward.  Pyramids are most closely associated with ancient cultures in Egypt and Central America.  There are others, however, in North America, China, India and Eastern Europe.  While some pyramid structures were built only after their makers were first exposed to them when traveling to other regions, the majority were a result of inspiration that occurred independently in the various cultures.  Take a look – the most active era of pyramid building occurred roughly within the same time period.  It was at this time that the Earth was transiting a cosmic region with vibrations that encouraged this type of activity.  If you go back through your recent history (within the last 10,000 years) you will be able to find more examples.

So we have established that the Mayan calendar did not predict the Apocalypse.  But an interesting question is still whether there will be a doomsday.  And now we laugh, because our channel is sitting forward in her chair wondering what will be coming next.  She has recently dreamed of the Book of Revelations (not being a Bible reader, she thought it was just an interesting dream until she recounted it to a Southern Baptist friend who, besides being shocked at her general lack of knowledge, showed her the Bible passages that tracked her dream).  She also had a dream in which a name was given to her.  When she googled this name, it turned out to be an End-of-Days preacher.  And most recently she was given a computer link to look up.  She “miscopied” it, and again landed on the web site of yet another End-of-Days preacher.  So yes, our channel is eager to learn what we are going to say.  And we are laughing.

We are laughing because the idea of doomsday has no meaning.  When the Earth finally is torn apart it will not affect humanity because you will not be in a form that can be harmed by such minor things as planetary explosions.  You will have developed into higher vibrational beings, and your survival will not be tied to a planet or to a solar system or even to breathing.  It will be a wonderful and remarkable period of humanity’s existence.  And if your development follows that of other sentient beings, this is the form in which you will stay until you decide to unmake yourselves and return to God.

This does not mean that there will not be setbacks or war or serious trouble.  There will be.  Existence is not an uninterrupted forward march; it’s the ebb and flow of life and energy.  The human experience on Earth, which dates back millions of years, is an example of this.  Entire civilizations arose, flourished and were wiped out, again and again and again (and all at a time in your Earth’s history when your scientists claim no human beings existed).   The fact that these civilizations were wiped out does not mean that they were failures, however.  Each one produced its’ own vibration which influenced the development of the planet.  Each one offered a variety of experiences from which humanity benefited.  And each person’s life, no matter how short or poorly lived, was a success.

Yes, there will be setbacks and there will be troubles, some of them quite spectacular.  This is what our channel is sensing.   So what can you do?  The path down which humanity will go is determined by all of you – there is no specific plan of action that an individual can take to ensure there will be no troubles in his future.  However, there is one thing that each person can do that will influence the tide of everyone.  At night when you go to bed, briefly review your day and ask yourself whether you were proud of how you lived it.  If so, do more of what you’re doing.  If not, change it.  Do this every night, and you will find your life getting better and better.  Being able to say you are proud of how you go about your everyday life and activities is a better measurement of having achieved a higher vibrational life than is frequent church attendance or a high level of donation to charity.  And just like cruise ships take many miles and a lot of power to turn themselves around, so do civilizations.  So the more people who live proud lives, the better humanity’s path will be.

Your civilization is intimately connected to your planet, so now is probably a good time to point out that you are treating the Earth quite badly.  It’s not just the garbage and the pollution, which is bad enough, but you have stopped listening to your planet or remembering that it, too, is made of energy and is self-aware.

Humanity and Earth were created as a unit.  All knowledge and all materials you need to flourish can be found on your planet.  But you need to stop and listen and look into yourself.  You then, for example, could be directed to a plant that could address an illness, rather than need to take chemically produced pills.  As we’ve said previously, Earth is beginning to move through a vibrational tide in which you will more readily be able to access dormant abilities.  One of these abilities is tapping into the knowledge that is inherent in your life and your planet.  You can think of Earth as a giant, living library, and every person on Earth as a library card.  A well-known saying from a popular television show was, “The truth is out there.”

Actually, the truth is right here – in you, in your planet and in your life.



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