The Truth About Extraterrestrials – Channeled Material

Much of humanity strongly believes that extraterrestrial life exists, and that some of those beings have visited Earth. Your governments just as strongly assure you that you are alone. We encourage the first view, no surprise there. Otherwise our work would amount to nothing more than whistling in the wind.

But we would caution those who would believe that Disclosure will be an event that solves humanity’s problems and ushers in a new era of advancement and prosperity – they will be in for a disappointment. They will be surprised by the many difficulties that humanity will face – fears of the unknown, identity crises, jockeying for power and influence, and general distrust backed up by military actions – even against a country’s own people. Disclosure will indeed be a bumpy ride.

The biggest disappointment, however, will probably be the ETs themselves, for we are not nearly as wonderful as many people are assuming. There is a saying used on your planet, “It’s/you’re/I’m/he’s/she’s only human.” This phrase is used in situations when a person has exposed himself as weak or less than honorable. Perhaps he has chosen an option that enriches himself at the expense of others who are more vulnerable or more deserving. Maybe he lets loose a violent outburst far in excess of the insult that triggered his anger. Possibly he has lied in order to put himself in a better light. Yes, he’s only human.

And in this context we would like to warn you that ETs, also, are only human.

Not in the physical sense, although certain spacefaring species can certainly pass as humans. Most extraterrestrials, however, are readily identifiable as alien. When we warn you that ETs are only human, we are telling you that we are not supermen with super characters. Many of our histories are littered with misconduct, wrongdoings, wars and betrayals. We have wasted lives and wantonly killed. We have chosen easy actions over right actions. We are only human.


But what we have done is subdue the baser aspects of our natures in order to advance. The ability of a species to undertake space travel without first exterminating itself is a sort of unofficial litmus test that indicates whether these people will be capable of becoming members of the interstellar community. Humanity is almost there (your moon landings do not count). When a society is sufficiently organized to successfully travel the stars, it is likely that it is also sufficiently advanced to handle communication, trade and visits with other species.

alien1And after the novelty wears off, many people will be disillusioned when they see that some extraterrestrials are greedy, rude, weak, or unkind. When we fail to live up to the ideal that many people hold of wise, advanced, all-knowing space beings, there will be a backlash and a push to isolate humanity from interstellar troubles. We would urge you not to give in to this inclination. We are all enriched by connecting with each other. If you look closely, you will see that many of us are compassionate, curious, generous and honorable. If you look closely, you will recognize us.

Because we are only human.




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