The Song of Humanity – Channeled Material

We have been very frank in our warnings regarding Disclosure; we have cautioned you against holding assumptions that Disclosure – with the accompanying ET technology – will resolve the problems of your world. In fact there will be hard times as humanity strives to adjust its’ world view and redefines who and what it is. Some will not survive the resulting chaos. Others will sink into a permanent state of denial and despair. Many, thankfully, will successfully navigate the troubles and come out stronger than previously.

But as we talk of doom and gloom, we also need to talk of immense joy – the joy of humanity taking steps to become a true partner in the universal consciousness. We have watched you for so long; at times we have meddled. But soon is the time for you to take your place among us as a fellow collaborator in creating our joint reality, as a colleague helping to direct the life force in positive and productive ways.

Singing EarthThere is a saying on your planet – that one should not die with their song still in them. In very general terms this describes our work – to help ensure the conditions that allow and encourage others to sing their song. And this is exactly why we have paid so much attention to Earth. Through the static and troubles of life on your planet, we have heard a song rising up that is amazing in its loveliness. The song of humanity. And this song is why we have felt such fascination for Earth.

And this is also why we watch you with such trepidation; there is the possibility that humanity will exterminate itself before you have reached the stage of joining us. You are now on the threshold. Will you decide in favor of saving the world, or will you decide in favor of self-destruction? We are disconcerted to see that there are many in your world – people with power and influence – who realize that they are on a destructive path and yet still continue down it. We do not understand the logic of people with authority and resources who deliberately choose to behave in ways that will take humanity down a hazardous road. (For those of us – a very few – who are not so fascinated by humanity’s song, there is still the fascination of watching a possible train wreck.)

Humanity’s song is its’ strength, and every individual contributes when they are present in their lives. You sing your song when you watch a sunrise, admire the development of a friend’s baby, or recognize your shared humanity with someone who is very different than you. You invite others to join the melody when you laugh with friends, hold open a door for another who has their hands full, or include a newcomer in your group. Again, being present is key; knowing who you are and consciously choosing how to live your life will create a harmony that others will feel and understand.

While at this time there are many individuals who are deliberately going down a dangerous path (and taking others with them), there are many more who have begun to sing their song. Humanity’s song is becoming stronger; we are hopeful it will prove more powerful than the self-destruction tendencies of a few.

Be present. Choose consciously. Sing.



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  1. What a beautiful message – and the timing is amazing, as the news media has been conveying how the scientific community has determined that song (music) is the only stimulus that activates the entire human brain! Incidentally I have just ordered “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” by Charles Hapgood, in reference to the Spokane tribe statement that they have been here since time immemorial! Since childhood I have always been hesitant to sing due to a throat disorder (which I have been told dates over to another life where I am an opera singer?!) But I’m thinking now I’ll have to work on that in order to rejoin the “song of humanity”. :o)

  2. Nancy, I am so glad you are singing your song and helping others along the way. Kay told me about your mission on our drive back yesterday. I am delighted for your insight and love your art work!

  3. Uni-verse = One-song
    Are our songs our own vibrational signatures of the lives we’re leading and learning from? Are our personal songs individual notes in the Uni-verse?

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