The Question of Destiny – Channeled Material

Those who are working towards a higher vibration often ask yourselves what you are here on this planet to do. What is your purpose? Many of you feel strongly that you have a specific destiny and that you need to discover what it is in order to move forward. Some, fretting that they might miss a sign and go off in the wrong direction, continuously monitor their life and environment for indications that would assure them they are indeed on the right path. Others, confident of what they want to do with their lives, march relentlessly forward, ignoring what is going on around them. While both approaches are partially correct, they are also both terribly short-sighted.

The universe – including all life, all emotions, and all experiences – is energy. When you think of your destiny as a specific time, place or professional position, you are actually trying to apply a flat two-dimensional paradigm to a process that cannot be limited. Your destiny is actually a combination of a process and a state of being – not an event or a level of success in your chosen profession. This is where we can assure you that the saying, “It’s not the destination, but the journey that is important,” is so very true.

Glowing BallIf you were your Higher Self looking down at your human self, what would you see? What you would not see would be a person going about their business at work or at home. Instead, your Higher Self would see a glowing, sparkling ball of creativity that encompasses all that you ever were or will be; the totality of your life in a single glance – making friends in kindergarten, your first job behind the counter at a fast food restaurant, raising a family, achievements and disappointments at work, the final years in this lifetime, etc. The three-dimensional timeline is a thought construct that guides you through and helps you experience this reality. It also, unfortunately, limits your understanding of your existence and of yourself.

You are probably now asking yourself whether I’ve gone off-topic. Weren’t we supposed to be discussing destiny? We are doing so, as a matter of fact, because destiny is actually who you are, rather than a place or situation that you will some day fulfill.

Let’s go back to the glowing, sparkling ball of creativity as seen by your Higher Self – how can this be your destiny?

Remember that destiny is both a process and a state of being. Ask yourself whether that ball of creativity that makes up your human life looks healthy. Is it glowing bright or is it dim? Is it sparkling happily or is it sputtering? Most importantly, is that ball magnetic – is it drawing other balls toward it, inducing them to become brighter?  Or is it driving other balls away or causing them to dim? Because your destiny is is this: the process of influencing those around you to vibrate at a higher level while you yourself evolve to glow brighter and more sparkly.

Returning to the three-dimensional model, your destiny will likely take different forms throughout your lifetime. Perhaps your destiny is healing; this could take the form of healing bodies, healing minds, or healing rifts in relationships. Maybe your destiny is teaching – while you may become an educator, you could just as easily teach by becoming a Little League coach, by raising a family or by being an example. The important thing in all this is to glow brightly and inspire others to do the same.

Destiny is who you are. Don’t squander your life looking for answers outside yourself.




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  1. Great post. It made me cry. I love the description “Glowing, sparkling ball of creativity”.

  2. Nice. Hadn’t thought of it this way…will have to refocus.

  3. Nice. Hadn’t quite thought of it this way. Will make that adjustment.

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