The Burden of Being Right – Channeled Material

There is so much information available to you – so much you can learn! One could be forgiven for assuming that such a civilization would be brimming over with people who have a deep appreciation for the knowledge and wisdom that is available to them. Imagine the strides those societies could make!

Instead we see you selectively choosing bits and pieces of reality, then digging yourself in and defending your worldviews as being right.

We’re going to come right out and say that this is wrong. Whether you’re right is of no interest to the universe and we would urge you to stop and look at what you are doing to yourselves. So many of you have become invested in being right – and have become self-righteous as a result.  Instead of cultivating your spirit, you are cultivating your sense of indignation. Instead of focusing on how to evolve and flourish, you focus on how you have been wronged.

We can’t imagine a worse way to live.

You could be exploring the cosmos. Instead you are cradling your righteousness in your arms, nourishing it and polishing it to a high sheen. Then you gaze at it and your face – your worldview – is reflected back.

You could be having adventures. Instead you are taking everything you hear and straining it through the filter of your righteousness. You peer at others suspiciously, inspecting them for evidence they might somehow endanger the worldview you so diligently protect.

You could be growing. Instead you remain stunted, overburdened by the weight of proving you are right.

Let us make clear that we aren’t pointing at any political party or worldview – those who believe in compassion as public policy are just as guilty of righteousness as those who believe that anyone who is not a member of their own group will harm/murder/steal from them. By insisting on their rightness, by insisting that their specific paths forward are the correct ones, both sides are engaged in suppressing their own evolution.

It’s not difficult to free yourself from the prison of your worldview, although it does take practice. The most important thing is to stop thinking about yourself – this is a habit that can only lead to stagnation. Your existence is part of the creative process and the way to grow is to create. You create nothing by attaching yourself to a small piece of reality that weighs you down.

So create away; create links, create communities, create stories. Keep in mind that the political environment is an insignificant part of reality.  You, on the other hand, are the entire reason reality exists. Don’t let yourself forget that; don’t lose your focus.

Don’t waste your life by insisting on being right.



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