Your Body Field and Your Health

What would happen if you crossed quantum physics with biology? You just might find out, among other things, that cells in the human body emit light and that this light carries information between cells that impacts all cellular activity. You might find out that our bodies have two interdependent aspects: 1) the biochemical (the basis of most Western medicine) and 2) the bioenergetic (traditionally the province of alternative and complementary medicine). You might even come to the conclusion that the bioenergetic aspect – also referred to as a “body-field” – organizes and drives the biologic systems that run and sustain our physical bodies.

These are just a few of the points discussed in Decoding the Human Body-Field (Peter H. Fraser and Harry Massey with Joan Parisi Wilcox). A couple of months ago I ran across an article on light therapy – the idea that the light emitted by our cells carries information that controls much of the biochemical body, and that human health can be improved by ensuring that this light is coherent rather than chaotic – and my search for more information led me to the book. To be honest, it took me a long time to get through the entire book – over a month – because I insisted on reading all the details on all the different aspects of the treatment that the authors have developed (the authors themselves suggest that readers might want to only browse the final third of the book that covers the technical details of the energetic drivers, integrators and terrains). That said, the information is fresh, thought-provoking and well worth the read. I spent the first three chapters amazed and grateful I had a body as the authors described exactly what goes on inside of us. “Throughout your body, there are trillions of chemical processes that form a tangled web of interconnections to make the enzymes, proteins, hormones and other substances that your body needs to work properly. All of these processes (Note: About a hundred thousand in each cell each second!) must be exquisitely timed, and those substances must be produced in specific quantities and delivered with precision to the correct cells.”

Where It All Started


German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, who is often referred to as the father of modern bioelectromagnetic research, coined the term biophoton in the 1970s. Among Popp’s early discoveries was that carcinogenic compounds use light differently than do non-carcinogenic compounds. Many chemicals absorb light and then can be made to re-emit that light. What Popp found was that carcinogenic compounds somehow changed the light signal used by cells, jumbling it before the cells re-emitted it, and that carcinogens particularly liked to scramble light at a frequency of 380 nanometers – the exact wavelength at which cellular photo-repair mechanisms work most efficiently to repair cellular damage from ultraviolet rays from the sun and other sources. Popp reasoned that the compounds that cause cancer do so because they block the precise wavelength of light that the cell need to repair ultra-violet damage.

To test his theory, Popp and one of his graduate students, Bernhard Ruth, produced a machine resembling a big x-ray detector (EMI 9558QA selected type – this is still one of the most sensitive pieces of equipment in the field) which employed a photomultiplier, enabling it to count light, photon by photon.

Popp discovered that healthy cells emit coherent light. In quantum physics, coherence means that subatomic particles are able to cooperate – these subatomic waves or particles not only know about each other, but also are highly interlinked by bands of common electromagnetic fields, so that they can communicate together. However, the cells of people who were ill – with cancer, for example – emitted light that was scrambled. Those who suffered from multiple sclerosis had the opposite problem: too much order (like too many soldiers marching in lockstep when they cross a bridge, causing it to collapse).

A Curious Aside: Popp and his scientific colleagues went on to study the light emissions of several organisms of the same species, first with an experiment with a type of water flea called Daphnia. Tests with a photomultiplier showed that the water fleas were sucking up the light emitted from each other. Popp tried the same experiment on small fish and found that they were doing the same. It occurred to Popp that these emissions had a purpose outside the body. The photons weren’t simply being used to communicate inside the body, but between living things. Popp realized that the exchange of photons between members of the same species might unlock the secret of some of the animal kingdom’s most persistent conundrums – how schools of fish or flocks of birds create perfect and instantaneous coordination. While this is an idea totally worth thinking about it’s not the subject of this article, so I’ll stop here.

Using the Body’s Information to Heal


So now what? How can we use the idea of the body field and apply it to real life?

Some people already have. Peter Fraser, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy and Ayurveda in Australia, spent over 25 years actually mapping the human body field in mind-numbing and tedious detail (honestly, it hurt my head to read all this) while attempting to remedy the extremely debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He used an electro-dermal type machine to test the energy signature of different plants, then went on to test the energetic signatures of thousands of different tissue samples (skin, blood, hormones, enzymes, calcium, potassium, zinc, etc) against the 12 main meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 365 acupuncture points found along those meridians (Fraser had a four-year degree in acupuncture). Fraser not only was able to determine the flow of information and communication within the body, he discovered that the body has a preferred sequence in which ills should be addressed if it is to heal. (As an analogy, imagine a bridge that is broken down. Before you reconstruct it, you need to make sure the road leading to it is in good repair.)

Harry Massey came to Peter Fraser after seven years of using both conventional and alternative medicine to alleviate his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When Fraser’s approach finally cured him, Massey partnered with him to form Nutri-Energetic Systems (aka NES). You can read about it in the book (more mind-numbing detail).

The official definition of NES is: The system of health care developed by Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, which integrates physics and biology to reveal a revolutionary understanding of how the body works. According to the NES model, everything in the physical body an energetic and informational counterpart in the body-field. The loss of homeostasis in the physical body starts at the level of the body-field, and thus detecting and correcting those body-field distortions correlates to improvement in the way the body works and, by extension, to improved health.

But does it work? There have been a few small studies, but more are needed. Needless to say, if this treatment system had been developed by, for example, Pfizer or Merck, hundreds of millions of dollars would now be dedicated to studies researching the efficacy of NES.  Or maybe not.  It’s also possible that one of the big pharmaceuticals would take out a patent, then squirrel it away so that it couldn’t impact profits – similar to what IBM did by buying up the floppy disk patent, then refusing to use it in order not to endanger the profit stream from its near-monopolistic computer punch card business.  And as a whole, conventional medicine would fight tooth and nail against its physical/chemical approach to healing.  Let’s be honest – the giant, double-blind studies are never going to happen, so we need to approach this from a different angle.  The science regarding the body’s informational system (photons as information that direct and coordinate the operation of the body) appears to be solid – and has been published different researchers in several different scientific journals.  Now what we need is for people to try it out.

Talking With an NES Practitioner


So for the sake of science – and so that you guys wouldn’t have to do the legwork yourselves – I located an NES practitioner (none in Wisconsin – I had to go to Minnesota). Margaret Wilson is the head of Biophoton Therapy USA in Wayzata, Minnesota. Before we started, she graciously answered a few questions:

How did you become interested in energy healing modalities?

Margaret Wilson:
I was always interested in how the body works. After studying pre-med sciences in college, I later discovered that there is much more to the body than just the physical. I read books on acupuncture, Reiki, homeopathy, herbs, and nutritional supplements, etc. Then in 1997, to my surprise, I experienced relief from fibromyalgia with the help of a foot zone therapist. So I took the year-long course to learn this energy-based modality and was introduced to many others along the way. This was the beginning of a long and exciting journey for me. Each study became a valuable new tool for healing and taught me more about how the mind-body works, and each new healing challenge with clients prompted to search deeper beyond my current modalities.

What is the advantage of using these modalities over conventional medicine?

Margaret Wilson:
Western medicine is unparalleled in its effectiveness in working directly with the physical body. If you get injured in an accident, your first call should be for an ambulance – not for any holistic energy modality. When the cause is physical and the intervention needs to be physical, nothing can top Western medicine.

However, it must be remembered that the physical body is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a complex information system that governs and coordinates all biochemical processes within the physical body in the same way that a computer system coordinates all belts, chutes and machinery in a tomato canning factory. Just as a malfunctioning IT system can result in a mess of spilled tomatoes and half-filled cans, so can a malfunctioning information system in the body result in illness. There are many environmental factors today that confuse our bodies on all levels, and IT problems require IT solutions.

Western medicine has so far chosen to remain ignorant of the IT system of the body and other holistic approaches, for political and economic reasons. Having convinced most of the population that there are no credible solutions other than medical solutions, it continues to rely on invasive chemical and surgical approaches.

The obvious advantage of information-oriented healing modalities is that they address the problems on the level they must be addressed, and they do so non-invasively. Information and energy based modalities merely change the directives that control body functions. The physical changes occur secondarily, in response to the modified information.

Are there any downsides?

Margaret Wilson:
The body is self-healing, and symptoms are a stage in this healing process.

Most Western allopathic treatments provide “cures” by silencing symptoms. This suppresses or interrupts the body’s attempts to heal itself. Though the cure may seem miraculous in the short-term, the real cause of the problem is often not addressed and will perhaps cause future problems. This is what I call the ultimate downside.

On the other hand, holistic modalities often empower the body to rid itself of pathogens once and for all. This may involve an immune battle, and the person may briefly experience a healing reaction during this process. The reaction is a very good sign; it is an important step in the direction of true healing. Some people do not realize this and they may worry that something is wrong. This may appear to be a downside, but it is a small price to pay for real health.

My NES Session


The first thing the NES practitioner does is conduct an analysis scan of the patient’s body-field using the “Pro-vision” software.  I placed my hand on the scanning device (it looks like an oversized computer mouse) for about 20 seconds.  Soon an image of a human body appeared on the computer screen, showing the areas of my Body Field where energy and information are not flowing as they should.  Margaret applied a device called the miHealth to unblock energy flow at each point.  This helps the flow of energy and information, much as removing ice-dams helps re-open river commerce.

As we paged deeper into my NES Scan, I saw that there were many other screens (14 by my count) providing information about many different components of my Body Field, such as the Energetic Drivers, Energetic Integrators, Energetic Terrains, Energetic Stars, the Nutrition Screen, the Environment Screen, and several screens related to the after-effects of past and present emotional shock and Trauma (these terms were developed by Peter Fraser to identify the different connections he found during the course of his research).

The image at right, which is the scan of my Energetic Drivers, is an example of one of the 14 screens that is generated when your body field is scanned.  As you can see from the image, I have distortions in Energetic Driver 2 (associated with the information transfer between the nervous system and cells via the bloodstream) and Energetic Driver 15 (associated with the action of pancreatic cells, including the production of digestive enzymes for carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as certain aspects of the endocrine system).   Separate images were generated for Energetic Integrators, Terrains, Stars, Rejuvenators, Environmental Factors, Musculoskeletal Data, and Nutrition Malabsorption, among others.  To address these distortions, Wilson gave me “Infoceuticals” to take – organic colloidal minerals that are imprinted (think homeopathy) with the correct specific aspects of the human body field associated with that driver/integrator/terrain/star, etc. I take a few drops of each every day.

In Conclusion


Will I be in perfect health at the end of this month? Not likely – this is not a wave-a-magic-wand way to better health. NES is a long-term treatment – at the end of the month I’ll need to back for subsequent testing which will show any changes, improvements, and alterations etc. A new scan will likely show a “new” problem (recall the example of the problem of the broken bridge that can’t be addressed until after the road leading to it is first fixed). Different infoceuticals will be provided for the distortions that show up at that time. It is typical for patients to need from four-to-eight sessions, spaced monthly.

So while the science and theory behind it is amazing, I can not yet report how efficient the NES body-field modality is.

I’ll report back in a few months.



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