Suppressing Knowledge

Over the last year there have been articles in the media that rightfully denounce the current USG policy to downplay or even erase scientific facts in order to better support a certain agenda.  People have expressed their outrage and dismay.  How could this happen?  How could anyone be so short-sighted?  We have never sunk so low in our entire history!

But can we be so sure about that?

Our ancient past, recent past and current reality are filled with examples of how those with professional and financial interests actively work to deprive humanity of scientific breakthroughs that would increase the well-being of the entire world.  Breakthroughs that would improve the well being of all of humanity on a medical, environmental and political level.


Royal Raymond Rife was a scientist and inventor in the first half of the century whose passion was medical imaging.  He invented technology still used today in optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation.  Rife believed that microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and parasites) were at the root of all disease, and in the 1930s developed (and patented) a microscope that could magnify up to 60,000 times (a resolution that was amazing in its day, and today is still considered extremely sensitive).  The advantage of Rife’s microscope compared with electron microscopes was that the microorganisms remained alive and the observer could study their behavior, while anything observed using an electron microscope was dead and inert.  (If you have an hour, there’s a documentary on youtube).

Everything vibrates at its own frequency, and Rife discovered that if he bombarded the specific microorganisms with that specific radio frequency wave, the specific microorganisms would die leaving everything around them unaffected (this is why it was so important to see the microorganisms alive vs. dead).  While Rife’s surviving records indicate that he had identified the microorganisms and vibrations connected to many diseases, he was especially known for identifying – and killing – those microorganisms associated with cancer.

This sounds like the beginning of a good news story, but it isn’t.  The American Medical Association started paying attention to Rife’s discoveries after his microscope and discoveries featured in the New York Times, Popular Mechanics, and the Smithsonian, and feared this would disrupt the status quo and rob them of their patients..  Morris Fishbein, head of the AMA tried to buy Rife’s company, but he refused.  In 1939, the AMA joined with a former Rife employee and sued for ownership, but lost the court case after a three-month trial (Rife had to countersue).  The AMA then turned its efforts to discredit Rife by harassing doctors, having equipment confiscated and getting laboratories closed.  Records were lost, some disappeared in robberies, many more were deliberately destroyed.  A laboratory that was scheduled to confirm Rife’s work was destroyed by arson.  Royal Rife couldn’t take the pressure and turned to drink.

(Note: I’m using Electro-medicine as an example of all the damage done by the AMA and Morris Fishbein by demonizing natural healers, herbalists, midwives, chiropractors and other original therapies, and by supporting the chemical medicine industry as the only acceptable way to treat illness.  Fishbein supported any company that agreed to spend significant amounts of money to run advertisements in the AMA’s Journal of the American Medical Association.  When faced with a successful alternative therapy, Fishbein’s modus operandi was to first try to buy the company or formula; if that failed, the AMA went to extreme efforts to discredit and destroy those associated with the alternative therapy.) 

Was Rife a clever charlatan or was he a visionary?  Was he actually successful in curing diseases with radio frequencies?  We will probably never know for sure.  Instead of testing and researching Rife’s discoveries, the AMA was quick to destroy a new direction in medicine that would have threatened its own power base.  While some organizations today advertise that they are selling/using Rife machines (the mechanism that bombards the body’s microorganisms with the specific radio frequencies), it’s impossible to verify whether anyone has managed to piece together the system that Royal Rife originally created.

In the meantime, in 2011 the FDA approved the NovoTTF-100A – a device to treat adults with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM – a type of brain cancer) that recurs or progresses after receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  As James Bare – chiropractor and inventor of the Bare-Rife device said, “The Novocure device is an FDA-approved frequency instrument used for cancer.  It uses electrodes, it uses oscillating electricity, it uses frequencies, and it treats cancer.  Some just might call it a Rife device.”

Imagine what medicine might look like today had authorities clinically tested this new discovery instead of destroying it to preserve their reputations and financial interests.

Alternative Energy

One of the U.S. government policies I’ve found the most difficult to understand is the administration’s support of fossil fuels and its concomitant efforts to gut programs designed to encourage alternative energy.  I accept that part of the reason is optics (support of blue-collar coal mining jobs); I realize that another part of the reason is sunk costs and profits of those who own and control the petroleum industry.  But seriously?  It’s not as if these folks haven’t had a couple of decades to adjust their profit plans.  And a year ago (prior to the current USG administration’s inauguration) solar and wind power became cheaper than fossil fuels.  It doesn’t matter that they don’t care about climate change; those who are profit driven should be investing in and switching to alternative energy sources in order to grow their companies.

I couldn’t understand why the U.S. administration and industry decision-makers were not only staying with fossil fuels, but actively making it more difficult for those in the alternative energy industry.

And then I re-read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

In this book, John Perkins writes about his experience as an economic planner for an international consulting firm and explains how the international financial institutions are set up to help big corporations exploit developing nations.  In one chapter Perkins describes the SAMA – Saudi Arabian Money Laundering Affair.

In 1971, the Nixon administration revoked the gold standard.  This was a desperate move in response to U.S. debt resulting from a natural economic restructuring – the factories that produced the items that Americans bought as well as the oil fields were increasingly located in other countries.  Foreign creditors demanded payments in gold, which the U.S. could not pay.

Washington scrambled to convince the world to continue accepting the U.S. dollar as standard currency.  Under the SAMA, the royal house of Saud committed to selling oil for U.S. dollars.  The condition was that Saudi Arabia would use its petrodollars to purchase USG securities; in turn, the interest earned by these securities would be spent by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in ways that enabled Saudi Arabia to emerge from a medieval society into the modern, industrialized world.  (In other words, the interest compounding on billions of dollars of the kingdom’s oil income would be used to pay U.S. companies.)

When I read this a lightbulb went on – fossil fuels vs. alternative energy is not just a question of sunk costs and preserving one’s profit base, but of making sure the United States remains the heavyweight champ in the world economic order.  This is not just protecting one’s narrow interests, but maintaining a status quo in which the U.S. economic system reigns supreme.

This is my own interpretation of the situation and I may be way off base – those who are smarter than me and have a firmer grasp on their imaginations are welcome to call me to task in the comment section below.  That said, I think the powers-that-be have underestimated a major player.  China is investing heavily in the renewable energy market  and dominates the world’s solar-electric panel industry.  I am thankful to be an American, but the more I see how the U.S. government appears to be working against the well-being of the country, and how Chinese authorities are focused on moving their entire national forward, the more I think Josh Whedon’s Firefly universe – a future reality in which China became a superpower – is prescient.

Psi Phenomena

Anyone who reads this blog knows that the subject of psi phenomena is dear to my heart.  And what particularly interests me is the amount of research that has gone into it.  Beginning in 1911, scientists and academic institutions began to conduct psi experiments in laboratory settings to examine whether positive results could be obtained under controlled conditions using scientific methods. Skeptics criticized the earlier experiments for possible flaws that included: selective reporting, experimenter bias, multiple-analysis (applying different criteria to the data in order to determine a “success”), sensory leakage (the so-called greasy fingers hypothesis – in telepathy experiments, for example, an individual might subconsciously notice that a target figure had been handled more than a non-target figure), inadequate randomization, and/or intentional cheating.

Psi science experimenters took steps to overcome possible flaws in their work. Princeton University’s use of Random Number Generators (RNGs – a computational device designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that lack any pattern) beginning in 1959 helped address much criticism.  Ganzfeld experiments, which use sensory deprivation, were also put into use.  These experiments were designed to detect subtle telepathic abilities that are normally drowned out by the noise of everyday life. In a Ganzfeld session, a sender observes a randomly selected target and tries to send this information mentally to the receiver. The receiver speaks out loud during the session, describing what he or she can see. The auto-Ganzfeld method, introduced in 1983, uses a computer to control the experiment to address possible flaws such as lack of true randomization or sensory leakage. In the session, the computer chooses the target image and neither the experimenter nor the receiver can monitor events inside the sender’s room, which is also acoustically sealed and electormangetically shielded.

Even if the state-of-the-art tightly controlled auto-Ganzfeld studies, results showed odds against chance beyond 10,000 to one.

One might think that authorities would be interested in researching and harnessing the energy and talent behind psi phenomena.  If so, you thought wrong.  In 1988 the National Research Council (NRC) produced a report, Enhancing Human Performance, in which it stated, “The committee finds no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of one hundred thirty years for the existence of parapsychological phenomena.” This report was requested by the U.S. Army Research Institute to help it evaluate various techniques of enhancing human performance, such as sleep learning, guided imagery, meditation, telepathy and clairvoyance.

How did NRC come to this conclusion? When forming subcommittees to investigate the different areas of the study, the NRC appointed Ray Hyman to head the parapsychology subcommittee. At this time, Hyman was a member of the executive council of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSICOP), an organization that is dedicated to proving parapsychological phenomena do not exist. The only psi studies evaluated in the report were the original Ganzfeld experiments (prior to the improved auto-Ganzfeld studies) that had previously been criticized by Hyman. That Hyman had ultimately agreed only two years previously that “there is an overall significant effect in this database that cannot reasonably be explained by selective reporting or multiple analyzes” and that “significant outcomes have been produced by a number of different investigators,” is not mentioned in the NRC report.  While it is common for the NRC committee to commission “expert reports” from outsiders in order to ensure objectivity, a balance of views and a range of expertise, the only expert report commissioned in this instance was from psychologist James Alcock, also a member of CSICOP and well known for his books and articles attacking parapsychological research. This breach of objectivity – plus the limited range of psi phenomena/studies examined – puts the validity of the NRC’s conclusions into question.

And it begs the question, why do this?  Who would lose if people realized we are more powerful that we are taught?

Now What?

It’s fairly clear that the suppression of science – and the suppression of knowledge itself – has been a common strategy of authorities and vested interests throughout history.  What’s going on today is a replay of game plans used in the past by people seeking to come out on or stay on top.

Several scientists are stepping up to revitalize the radical 70s-era Science For the People organization, recognizing that science is not apolitical and that scientists need to take a greater role in how their research is utilized.  In the current system, science and government power are closely intertwined – oftentimes at the expense of the greater good.  While this would be a great thing if successful, I’m not sure whether this approach will have much affect on vested interests that are already deeply entrenched in the current economic structure.

Am I the only one who is beginning to feel that little will change without some sort of widespread social upheaval when money and power are involved?

On an individual level, I can change myself.  This means I try to remain open and refuse to demonize those who have different positions than I do.  This means that I look at a situation and determine what it means, rather than letting the media interpret events for me.  This means I seek information and stories that are outside of the mainstream.

I sometimes have a hard time remembering that those who are manipulating the system are just like me – we are all living together on this planet hurtling through space.

I just hope the manipulators take time to think about that too.


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  1. I have always been extremely wary of conspiracy theories. It appears that I may be wrong.
    How sad to accept that conspiracy may be the go-to mode of operation.

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