Erin Pavlina

The well-known psychic Erin Pavlina makes a living by giving readings, selling her book on astral projection, and teaching people how to be professional psychics themselves.  Less well known is that she blogs every week, and her articles — by now numbering over 700 – are available free of charge to anyone who happens upon her site.  If you have a question about anything psychic, Erin has probably written an article on it.  Popular themes include psychic and personal development, astral projection, and manifestation, among others.

The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute is all about facilitating the personal exploration of human consciousness, often in conjunction with hemi-sync technology (the sending of different audio signals to each ear to force your left and right brains to work together). I can’t say enough about their residential programs (6 days at their rural Virginia campus), but many people find it difficult to get the money and annual leave to be able to attend.  There are, however, several reasonably priced CDs that allow a person to  start exploring.  The research section of the website contains articles on binaural beats/hemi-sync in relation to healing, learning, music and psychology, etc.


“The lighter side of science.”  Started in 2012 by biology major (since graduated) Elise Andrew who never thought that it would go beyond several of her friends, the site garnered over 1 million likes within six months of being created, and is now considered to be the internet’s most popular science page.  Anything bizarre or cool related to science will eventually find its way to IFLScience.  There’s now a website.  A program on the Science Channel is also planned.


Dr. Joseph Gallenberger designs and leads programs that help people learn to bend spoons, sprout plants, heal, and improve their manifestation skills.  Dr. Gallenberger also leads trips to Las Vegas where he uses casino games as exercises with immediate feedback for developing PK (psychokinesis) skills  (read my article with Dr. Gallenberger on PK).  His book, “Liquid Luck – The Good Fortune Handbook,” along with the accompanying CDs walk the individual through the process to manifest a better life.  Unsurprisingly for someone who is also a Senior Trainer with The Monroe Institute, Dr. Gallenberger makes good use of hemi-sync and binaural beats in the products he has designed.

Controlled Remote Viewing

This is the webpage of PSI (Problems>Solutions>Innovations), the firm established by Lyn Buchanan to apply controlled remote viewing to resolving issues in the civilian sector. The site has lots of free information and resources for readers, the most unusual of which must be “Target of the Week” – an exercise that allows readers to test out and practice their remote viewing skills.

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