I rarely go on vacation.  Instead, I take the money I would have spent and use it to attend courses.  Here are a few of the ones I’ve taken over the years that I found particularly helpful.

Gateway Voyage  (The Monroe Institute)

The Gateway Voyage is the Monroe Institute’s six-day introductory course that is a prerequisite for taking almost any other course at the Institute.  The stated goal of the course is “to teach the core tools, techniques and principles of mental, emotional, and spiritual growth as taught at The Monroe Institute.”  Hemi-sync technology is used to help students reach different levels of consciousness, at which point they are taught how to use this for their own development.  Although a certain number of Gateway classes are taught across the country and overseas, the vast majority take place at the Monroe Institute’s home campus in Faber, Virginia.  Students stay in “dorms” – generally two to a room — and share bathrooms.  Food and lodging is included in the course fee.  Although the Monroe Institute sells a “home training” CD set (18 CDs total – I have them) which walks you through the course, I would recommend saving your money and attending the course in person – there is a lot of added value to the facilitated group discussions, the special guest speakers in the evening, and the general conversation with your fellow students.

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How to Be a Professional Intuitive  (Erin Pavlina)

This is a totally amazing course in which the well-known psychic Erin Pavlina teaches the student how to tune in to his/her intuition and conduct readings for clients – this is the course I took when I was trying to figure out what do do with my own psychic abilities.  The classes are small (there were three students in my class) and held over a three-day period in Las Vegas.  Erin spends the first day giving an overview of the chakras and how students can use them as a tool to tune in to a client’s energy and to make a connection with his/her spirit guides.  On the second day students are already conducting readings by phone.  On the final day each student gives an in-person reading.  Erin ends the course by giving an overview of how to manage your business.  This is a practical, hands-on course for anyone thinking of becoming a professional intuitive or who just wants to take his/her psychic ability to the next level.  Erin is a no-nonsense teacher who pushes her students to stretch themselves and excel.

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I Can Do It! Conferences  (Hay House)

Yes, this is a conference rather than a training course, but the I Can Do It! conferences (held across the country several times a year) allow the attendee to sample a smorgasbord of spiritual and self-development offerings.  Are you overwhelmed by all the different paths you have to choose from?  When I attended I was able to listen to healers, psychics, shamans, past-life regressionists, mediums, nutritionists, life coaches and more.  Attending this conference helped me to narrow down my interests and define how I wanted to live my life.

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MC-Squared (The Monroe Institute)

This class is all about psychokinesis – moving objects with your mind.  In it, students sprout seeds in their hands, make light bulbs light up by holding them, and – the most fun of all – bending spoons.  Here is a photo of me with the spoons that I bent.  People sometimes ask what’s the point – why bend a spoon?  To me it’s proof that life is greater and more wonderful and more mysterious than we can imagine – that people are capable

Spoon2of doing things we only read about in fairy tales.  If I remember correctly, there were 18 of us in that class.  Every single person succeeded in bending a spoon.

MC-Squared is led by Dr. Joe Gallenberger (read the interview), who developed the course by way of throwing dice in Las Vegas.  The “MC” in MC-Squared stands for Manifestation and Creation.  Dr. Gallenberger’s emphasis is not about winning a jackpot by gambling, but about how to influence your world through the power of thought (read a review of his book here).  Although a home study version is available, like with the Gateway Voyage I recommend taking the course in person.

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The Reconnection – Level 1: The Essentials of Reconnective Healing Seminar  (Eric Pearl et al)

Eric Pearl’s book (read a review here) was one of the first I ran across in my spiritual development journey, and when I found out that a class would be held in Montreal (I was posted to the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa at the time) I signed up.  So there I was – an American diplomat sitting in a hall surrounded by dozens of reiki practitioners, chiropractors, integrative nutrition specialists, and yoga instructors – and I loved it.  While I didn’t continue down the path to become a healer, this course opened my eyes to what was possible.

Reconnective Healing is all about getting your ego out of the way and letting yourself become a conduit for healing energy.  The courses are short (generally just two days) and students can become practitioners after taking the Level 1 and Level 2 courses.  Oftentimes the Level 1 and 2 courses (taught at various locations around the country and overseas) are scheduled back-to-back – that’s just four days to change your career and your life. I could recommend reading the book first, before taking the course.

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