Awakening Your Light Body   Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

This six-part CD home study course (31 CDs total), which consists mostly of guided meditations, was the first spiritual growth “class” I took.  While it’s expensive, you can order the six sections separately and just pay for them one at a time.  I also figured I was spending less money by doing this at home and avoiding the travel, lodging and childcare expenses associated with an in-person program.  The big takeaways for me were learning how to reach expanded states of consciousness and becoming acquainted with – and learning how to use – my energetic body.  I consider “Awakening Your Light Body,” along with A Course in Miracles, to be the foundation of my spiritual development.  I can’t possibly explain how much this course helped me.


Becoming a World Server   Sanaya Roman

This is a three-CD set of 8 guided meditations by Orin (channeled by Sanaya).  The focus is on creating/finding your life purpose – discovering what you are here to do, expanding your vision, being a source of light, and becoming a world server.  As I went through this program, I felt like I was being grounded and being uplifted at the same time.

World Server

 Positively Ageless Patty Ray Avalon and The Monroe Institute

This four-CD set was developed and is narrated by Patty Ray Avalon, a residential trainer at The Monroe Institute.  She is an energy healer and former faculty member at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  In Positively Ageless, Patty Ray combines her knowledge of the human energy field with Hemi-Sync to produce an amazing program that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.



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