Psychic Development

How To Be a Professional Intuitive
This is a totally amazing course in which the well-known psychic Erin Pavlina teaches the student how to tune in to his/her intuition and conduct readings for clients – this is the course I took when I was trying to figure out what do do with my own psychic abilities. The classes are small (there were three students in my class) and held over a three-day period in Las Vegas. Erin spends the first day giving an overview of the chakras and how students can use them as a tool to tune in to a client’s energy and to make a connection with his/her spirit guides. On the second day students are already conducting readings by phone. On the final day each student gives an in-person reading. Erin ends the course by giving an overview of how to manage your business. This is a practical, hands-on course for anyone thinking of becoming a professional intuitive or who just wants to take his/her psychic ability to the next level. Erin is a no-nonsense teacher who pushes her students to stretch themselves and excel.
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