Manifestation and Psychokinesis


Creating Money

Inner Vegas

Liquid Luck – The Good Fortune Handbook

MC-Squared – the Monroe Institute (5 day/6 night course at TMI)

This class is all about psychokinesis – moving objects with your mind.  In it, students sprout seeds in their hands, make light bulbs light up by holding them, and – the most fun of all – bending spoons.  Here is a photo of me with the spoons that I bent.  People sometimes ask what’s the point – why bend a spoon?  To me it’s proof that life is greater and more wonderful and more mysterious than we can imagine – that people are capable of doing things we only read about in fairy tales.  If I remember correctly, there were 18 of us in that class.  Every single person succeeded in bending a spoon.

MC-Squared is led by Dr. Joe Gallenberger (read the interview), who developed the course by way of throwing dice in Las Vegas.  The “MC” in MC-Squared stands for Manifestation and Creation.  Dr. Gallenberger’s emphasis is not about winning a jackpot by gambling, but about how to influence your world through the power of thought.  Although a home study version is available, I recommend taking the course in person.




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