We Got It All Wrong – An Interview With Psychic Kym McBride

In her writers’ group, MTPS reader Karen Muldrow met Kym McBride, heard her story and believed it should be shared.  Reaching out to me, Karen asked whether I’d be interested in having her interview Kym and then guest posting it on this website.  Would I be interested? 

Yes!!  (Anyone else who is interested in guest posting should contact me at: info@morethanpassingstrange.com.) 

So here it is – Karen’s interview with Kym.  At the end of the article is a short bio (with links) of Kym and her work.

 I’d like to acknowledge that we met through our writer’s group.  Since my first impression of you was as a writer, I’m curious about this other side of your life.  Did you always know that you were a psychic-medium? 

Psychic ability was not something we talked about when I was a child.  I knew nothing about it.  Even into my adulthood I saw psychic readings only as entertainment, never anything real or practical.  I was what I now call a “normie; somebody who’s totally invested in this earthly reality.  The only thing that I could relate it to is what our family called “moments” — the phone would ring, and I would know who was one the line before I picked up.”  This happened often to a few of my family members.

When did this change for you?

It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that a friend of mine went to New York where he came across a guy he knew in college.  This guy happened to be a psychic and told my friend that he (my friend) had to get me on my path and that that path had to do with psychic ability; he was supposed to get me a book by Shaki Gwain. When it arrived, I didn’t understand anything – it was all gibberish. But then certain things started to happen.

For example, I signed up for a class and I literally didn’t know what it was about. I just felt compelled to go. I know that sounds really stupid. I paid for and went to this class, out of the state, two days after 911.  So, I find myself in a room with 24 people and the teacher says, “We’re going to be doing psychic development”. And I was like “Oh, hell no!” I wanted to walk out, but I had carpooled with another person. The guides are very smart, they blocked me so I couldn’t run off.

During the 3-day class everybody was so talented. They could see things and feel things and talk to dead people. And I got nothing. Then, on the very last day, in the very last session, my stepfather came through during a reading. The medium told me that my stepfather was so excited that I was going into this new career. I was confused. I was a bookkeeper at the time and I wasn’t planning to change jobs. Well, I hadn’t been feeling well and started to get an upset stomach, so I left the room. It was then that my dead grandmother started talking to me.  She said “Oh, Kym, don’t be mad at Bob. He wasn’t supposed to say anything, but he was so excited.” And I answered “Grandma, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” It wasn’t until I returned to the classroom that it dawned on me that I had had a real conversation with my dead grandmother!

It was through that class, plus talking to Grandma, that I became intrigued.

 Do you think there was some reason you didn’t see or hear anything until then? Was there anything specific that you did to become more aware?

I think it might have been the timing of it being just after 911. Maybe the Universe needed us to be open to help the country heal? Or maybe I was just close-minded to the whole psychic thing.  I had gone to psychics (for fun) maybe twice in my life, and when you listen to a psychic, they tell you what they are seeing feeling and sensing, I didn’t feel a “connection” to it at the time.  But after I had the experience of talking with my grandmother it became real.

Did you come out of that class knowing you were going to be a professional psychic/medium?

I had no intention of ever being a psychic.  Even when my stepfather and grandmother (both passed) showed up I was like, “What are you talking about?  I do bookkeeping – I’m not doing this work!” But the class did pique my curiosity.  I wanted to know more, but there just wasn’t a lot out there at the time.  I went and bought every book I could find, and I read everything in the library.  Those resources didn’t explain enough, but they got me on the right path.  And then, about a year after the class, my guide showed up. It was a complete surprise.

The existence of spirit guides, and the idea of communicating with them, is a huge leap. How did it happen for you? 

At that time in my life I had a lot of issues, a lot of fears and insecurities. I grew up in a critical family and I was really hard on myself. I engaged in a lot of negative self-talk. I was a mess and I didn’t know it because I was used to the mess. One day I was sitting at my computer and was journaling my feelings and Timingo, my guide, showed up. He felt so different.  This loving voice came in and spoke with the most kindness I had ever heard from anyone in my life. He was talking in my ear and I was like ‘Who and what are you?’  He introduced himself and said he was my guide. I didn’t believe it.  I thought I was going insane, but, regardless, I started writing down what he said.

Did you literally hear an actual voice?

Yes. It wasn’t like a free-writing thing.  At that time, in order to believe, I needed him to be outside of me (rather than speaking in my head like he does now).  I was hearing him and I wrote down everything he said.  I even wrote “I’m completely crazy, and I’m sitting here having a conversation with myself,” and Timingo says “Have you ever spoken so lovingly and kindly to yourself?”  Wow. That was a turning point for me.

Back then I also needed a physical sign. I asked Timingo if he could flicker my eye when he was present because that was something I couldn’t control, so that I couldn’t negate or rationalize what he was saying.  That was the start of our relationship.  And it took!

So what did Timingo say?

He didn’t really say anything. He just treated me with kindness and gentleness. Remember, I was a mess and needed to be treated with kid gloves. He helped me get a new perspective on who I was and to understand why I was so negative with myself.  He asked me to evaluate what it was that I didn’t like about myself, and I realized that I was always living someone else’s dream – that I didn’t have my own. There’s a great story about a person who said they were afraid to die because when they did they wouldn’t be asked why they weren’t more like so-and-so, but rather, why they weren’t more themselves.  I’m living at about 90% the real me, I think.  And it’s taken me years of self-review to get to where I am right now.

When did you finally decide to stop being a bookkeeper to become a professional psychic?

That was never really a “decision”.  I can only do bookkeeping for so many years before I become bored and need to do something more creative.  So, I would regularly “leave” bookkeeping to do something else.  Even so, I always seemed to go back to bookkeeping because it was a consistent paycheck and I really enjoy it.  I’m an organizing freak and being able to fall back on bookkeeping feeds the need of that monster. But I left that world about fifteen years ago when I went professional as a psychic and writer.

How did your family and friends react when they found out you were changing careers to become a professional psychic?

The idea that I was leaving bookkeeping was really no big deal; they were used to that. But leaving bookkeeping to be a psychic was bigger.  There are at least three women in the family who were already very intuitive, so the idea of me having strong intuition abilities wasn’t a shock.  But my mother had a problem with me being a psychic because she thought that meant I could now see the negative things in her that she needed to keep hidden from everybody else.  The men in our family made fun of me and showed general jerkiness (about psychics) –  I never took them seriously.

Did Timingo help you when you began working as a psychic-medium? Does he now?

Timingo helps me through every day.  He never really gives me answers, but he helps me figure things out.  That’s not to say he doesn’t give me a real heads up from time to time!  LOL!

We work together in all of my readings – he gives me information for a person.  And, in the beginning, before I began charging readings, he trained me to read my body. For example, I get pains in my body that mirror the pains of my clients; he taught me how to pick up on those signs. As I built my skills and confidence I received validation from my clients that I was hearing Timingo correctly.

Now, before a session, I take a couple of minutes to meditate before I call my client. All of a sudden, I’ll just feel his hand upon my shoulder and I’ll say ‘OK, you’re here.’  Then we go on to do the session. Often, Timingo will speak through my mouth, kind of like when you say something and have no idea how you got there but it’s exactly what that person needed.  As our relationship has grown it’s like what happens with a husband and wife over the years; they finish each other’s sentences. There’s a merging that happens and, with your spirit guide, that’s exactly what you want. It’s taken quite a few years for me to get to that point with Timingo. But, spirit guides are always there; they’re always in communion with you.

You co-authored We Got It All Wrong with Beverly Hafemeister.  How did that come about?

Beverly first came to me as a client.  She was experiencing intense grief over the death of a dear friend and decided to try to connect to him through a medium—me.  We did nine sessions with her deceased friend over the first year, and we learned that he was doing really profound work on the other side. During that time Beverly and I became friends.  She let me know that she had transcribed each of our sessions, and she shared her work with me.  As I read the transcripts I felt that it was really fascinating information and that this knowledge shouldn’t be kept just for Beverly or me.  At first, I asked Beverly whether I could use the information in articles. Then my guides kicked in and suggested that we become partners to put out a book. I was initially very resistant because, over the years, I had already tried – unsuccessfully – to have partners. But, Beverly is amazing.  We bring different skills to the table; so, it’s been a good match.

What is your take-away from the sessions you and Beverly describe in the book?

The largest take-away for me is that there is more out there than the physical world we see in front of us.  I had heard before that everything we see is an illusion, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Now, after going through these the sessions with Beverly, and hearing from her friend Hal and from her mother and father, it’s just stunning to get that this earthly reality really is the illusion and that we’re just working through the experience to learn more about ourselves.  It helps me every day to ask myself “What was the purpose of that (situation)? Why did I need to experience this or feel that?” Over time I’ve learned to let things go and move on. I’m still involved in this everyday life because this is where I am to learn – in this illusion. But I also know that there is so much more.

 You’ve made it clear at different times that you think that this is something that is accessible to everyone.

Yes. I believe that the most important thing for any single person is to meet their spirit guide.  Because your life will be changed. You will never be alone again.  You can have a loving family and kids and all, but I think that most of us feel that we’re alone out there. That’s why I developed a program called “Meet Your Guide” It’s really very simple to connect on your own, but some people want the structure of a program.

Can you tell us how to meet our guides?

I realize that some people have fears. They’re afraid that if they meet their guide they’ll have to listen to them. So, I’d say, as a first step, write down the fears you have about meeting your guide.  Read it out loud.  Put it out there for your guides to hear.

Start journaling your conversations with your guide, in transcription form. Write out your question and then write out what you hear (or think or feel).  You’ll feel like you’re making it all up—that’s NORMAL.  Keep doing it, you’ll start to hear things you never even thought of. That’s your first clue that it’s NOT YOU. This was the way I started communicating with Timingo and it’s been very useful.  That’s one of the reasons that Bev and I wrote our book in transcription form.

Finally, invite your guide into every little decision. If you want evidence that there’s something out there, ask for it (simple things like a parking spot, or the location of something you’ve lost). No question is below them! LOL!  Then, don’t discount the response when it comes to you. There’s an old story about a guy standing on his roof to escape rising water in the middle of a flood – a man comes by in a boat and offers to rescue him and the guy on the roof says “No, I’m praying to God and He’ll rescue me soon.”  I’m not saying that every little coincidence is a sign, but answers don’t always come the way you expect them. Just be open to the answers to regardless of the way they come. Don’t try to control the Universe.

Now that you feel you are on your path, what is your goal?

Our paths are always in flux. Early in my journey my path included accepting myself as psychic.  Then my path became more specifically focused on mediumship. Then my guides threw in specializing in ghosts (those who haven’t fully crossed over), which is my current focus. But, broadly, it’s important to me to educate people about spiritually and spirit guides.  I’m doing that through writing books and developing programs on those topics.


Kym McBride is a psychic medium, author, and teacher with 16 years experience connecting clients with those who have passed on.  She is a self-defined seeker who writes to “educate, enlighten and open conversations” on various topics of the evolution of the soul.  Her book “We Got It All Wrong: Death and Grief, Heaven and Hell, and Mental Illness”, written in collaboration with Beverly Hafemeister, describes the journeys of Kym and Beverly as Kym helped Beverly meet her spirit guide and communicate with a friend who had died and find out the wonders of what happens after we die.

 You can watch two interviews with Kym McBride on youtube.  In the first video Kym McBride and her co-host discuss psychic abilities on MainStream Intuition Radio.  In the second video Kym shares her first experience in mediumship.



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