Now Is All There Is – Channeled Material

Your planet is so alive – you have such big plans for yourselves! Some of you are studying to gain knowledge and skills. Others are working to provide homes for yourselves and your families. Still more of you are seeking to increase your understanding of life so that you may someday reach enlightenment. Your futures are so exciting!


Who are you now? Where are you now? What is important in your life now?

The truth is that only the now exists, and neglecting your present to focus on your future means that you are skipping over your life entirely. While some of you do indeed have balance, we are concerned that so many more of you appear to have strayed off your paths.

Think about it. You remain in a stressful work situation because you are told it will set you up for a better job later on. Your hours are long. Your work is micromanaged. You are not treated with fairness and respect. But you quietly suffer through it so that things will be different in the future.

There are people you consider to be good friends, but you only talk of work, sports, television shows and vacations. You decline to raise topics that fall outside of popular culture for fear of finding yourself isolated. You hesitate to explore unconventional interests because that will mark you as different. You don’t want to take the risk of engaging in heart-searching conversations.  Instead, you prefer to leave those for some future date when you will feel more secure.

You dream of someday finding the perfect man/woman for yourself, but in the meantime stay in an uninspired relationship. He/She is a good person and a good friend. You have fun in this relationship, but they are not someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Going through the work and emotions of breaking up is too hard however. Someday you’ll find the perfect mate, but this person is “okay for now.”

Okay for “now?” Didn’t we tell you that “now” is all that exists?

Too many on your planet are putting their lives on hold, imagining that there is a “future” in which things will be different. That is a distorted view of reality, and we are dismayed by all the waste that we see.

What is important in your life now is all that is important. Who you are now is all that you are. What you do now is all that you do. Who you love now is everyone who you love.

Don’t wait to start living; be who you are. Now is as good as it gets.



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