Metaphysical Gifts for the Holidays

Gift2Are you scratching your head trying to figure out what to get a friend or loved one for the holidays?  What could you get that would be thoughtful, useful and truly unique – something that no one else will have thought of getting them?

I recommend gifting a package consisting of Liquid Luck – The Good Fortune Handbook, along with its companion CDs, “Liquid Luck – A Heart-Based Meditation to Increase Good Fortune,” and Abundance Waterfall: A Meditation Advancing Abundance Flow in All Areas of Life.”

I previously interviewed Dr. Joseph Gallenberger about his psychokinesis classes in which he teaches people to bend spoons, sprout seeds in their hands and influence the slot machines.  I understand the point of the classes – the spoon bends, the seed grows, the slot machine gives you back more quarters than you put in.  But manifestation?  …Not so much.  I understand what manifestation is, and how envisioning the things you want in life is supposed to attract them like a magnet, but I really didn’t get the point of guided meditations that might bring me good luck.  Was I supposed to listen to them every day?  Both of them, or just one?  And what does “being lucky” mean?

StairsDr. Gallenberger’s recently released book, Liquid Luck – The Good Fortune Handbook, helped address many of my questions.  A recent review in The Institute For Global Transformation stated, “Liquid Luck presents one of the most practical applications of the meditation process I’ve come across in many years.”  I’d have to agree.  In the handbook, reports from people who experienced a stroke of luck (receiving unexpected money, having a business become successful, winning contests) after listening to the Liquid Luck cd are interspersed with the essential attitude of successful abundance creation – happiness and grounding, gratitude, abundance, , compassion, love, and praise.

So what was my experience?  My focus over the last year has been on starting this website.  Specifically I was worried about the articles I would be posting; I didn’t want them to consist of just me writing what I thought – I needed to take it to the next level by having acknowledged experts comment and weigh in on the ideas I was presenting.  I read the Liquid Luck handbook, then listened to both the Liquid Luck CD and the Abundance Waterfall CD.  And…. every single expert I reached out to was willing to speak with me!  From book authors and scientists with articles in peer-reviewed journals, to the head of a research institute.  Honestly, it has been amazing, and I am truly grateful for the contributions these people have made to my articles.

Was it Liquid Luck or just dumb luck?  I’m not sure.  But I do know that I’m going to continue using this system.


Liquid Luck Book       liquid-luck-cover   Abundance-CD-Cover


* Full Disclosure: I am getting no money for recommending these products.


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