Manifesting Grace – Channeled Material

You didn’t believe us when we said that things were going to get worse before they got better, did you?

Well, now you have it. Large portions of humanity are behaving recklessly, and are promoting attitudes that are both harmful and dangerous to their neighbors. Hostility towards people who are different than oneself is being actively encouraged. Greed and self-indulgence are no longer looked at askance. Swinishness is now acceptable.

Actually, this is just the beginning, because things will still go downhill from here.

This is a blow to many of you because you had both hoped and believed that humanity was improving. After all, isn’t the Earth in the middle of a vibrational shift? Aren’t the numbers of people who are focused on spiritual development increasing? You’re even reading articles written by conventional scientists who have concluded that human consciousness plays a role in the creation of reality.

Yes, that’s all true, but it’s not enough.

The truth is that people have abdicated their power. When you watch news broadcasts reporting how entire populations are fleeing violence and hunger in their home countries you don’t get involved because “It’s a problem for governments.” Although there is poverty in your city, you ignore it because “There are organizations that take care of that.” When you witness a supervisor treating minority coworkers unfairly, you don’t say anything because “If it really bothered them, they could just sue.”  People were able to be lazy because the authorities – in whatever form they existed – would take care of the problem.

Well, that’s all ending now.

If you ever held the belief that organized society was the answer to soothing the more base impulses of the human spirit, you can abolish that immediately. Civilization’s safeguards and safety nets are not untouchable public goods, but only a reflection of the individuals who reside within. Those public goods are being weakened as people no longer feel that virtues such as fairness, decency and honor have value. Conditions will become worse as certain segments of the population believe they now have approval to behave badly.

But… For many people these conditions are the very thing that will spur them to manifest grace. It is a manifestation of grace when you hear someone making racist remarks, and you confront that person directly and in public rather than wait until you are in the safety of your own home to fret about the incivility of modern life. You are manifesting grace when you refuse to patronize or work for organizations that engage in discriminatory practices even though it causes you economic difficulties. You are also creating a moment of grace when you attend a Town Hall meeting both to support the work that is taking place and to ensure that the decisions are made fairly and with integrity.

beamoflightLife will be getting more difficult – and more ugly – but at the same time it will be providing you greater opportunity to grow, to be generous, and to make meaningful contact with others. As you continue to move forward on your spiritual path, you will be taking more risks, encountering more hardships, and finding yourself the recipient of insults and derision. You will be standing as a pillar for what is right and fair in the face of insults by others. You will be battered and scraped …and polished smooth, shining radiant in the darkness.

By refusing to accept what you aren’t, you are better able to manifest who you are.






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