Creating Your Own Life Experience – Channeled Material

Your planet is a wonderful place – very dense, of course, but still undeniably lovely. Everything you could possibly need for creating, exploring and having different experiences is here: deserts, forests, jungles, mountains and plains; lakes, rivers, marshlands and oceans; rain, storms, snow, sun, clouds and wind; plants, animals and people; crowds and lonely places.

The method to getting the most out of your life experience is to ensure that you have regular access to the necessary building blocks – we’ve already listed some of those above. Access implies, of course, that you don’t spend all your time voluntarily restricting yourself to the comforts generated by human society. How many office buildings, shopping malls, freeways, video games, amusement parks, schools, reality TV shows, and cinemas can you take before your eyes glaze over and your brain turns off?

You already know that, so we’ll take it a step further.

Touring a beautiful cathedral can be a wonderful experience. You may even be filled with a sense of awe and reverence. However, what you are doing is experiencing awe and reverence second-hand; it is the architect’s interpretation that you are perceiving – a concrete echo of his original insight. Sadly, this is often the closest many people get to vision and inspiration.  So while you are walking around and admiring the place, ask yourself what sparked the architect’s initial creativity. Then go visit a forest.

The fact is your world is filled with the patterns of life.  The golden ratio can be found in a nautilus shell, as in the bodies of humans, dolphins, ants and seahorses.  Fractals are inherent in pinecones, cloud structures, lightening strikes, the distribution of galaxies and the movement of crowds.  The petals of a rose and DNA molecules both arrange themselves in a Fibonacci pattern.

Your world is also filled with the feel of life – the squishiness of mud between your toes, the roughness of tree bark, the smooth surface of a stone. Children laughing, a cat purring and thunder rolling across the land are sounds you all recognize.

These things are the archetypes of creativity and existence in your world. Being aware of these building blocks – and appreciating the firsthand – will help you create a life experience that is not only genuine, but your own.

So many of you live life solely through the eyes and creations of others. It’s by exploring the world for yourself that you will live  and create a true experience.



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