When Life Breaks Apart

We will be the first to admit that our lives are not as challenging as the ones you lead on Earth.  Your existence is so very concrete, and thus many of the experiences you go through have greater impacts on you than they would have on us.  When reality is so dense, it is difficult to see beyond the thin curtain that makes up your physical world.

Which is why we are hesitating to comment on this topic – in a certain sense we feel unqualified.

But, of course, we will because that’s our nature, and because we didn’t take on this job just to do the easy stuff.  So now we turn our attention to surviving – and eventually thriving – when bad things happen.

We are continually amazed at how many ways your lives can be shattered.  Jobs are lost, loved ones die, natural disasters destroy your homes, you are unable to pay for the education that would open doors to living your highest potential.  You are going along living your life the best you can when – boom! – you come down with a chronic debilitating disease.  You spend years dedicating your life to and forming a family with your partner, and then they decide that it was all just a mistake and walk away.  How do you all get through it?

We take our hats off to humanity for this – despite your limited perception of reality, so very many of you have proven yourselves both tough and flexible in your ability to recover from these setbacks.

At this point we would like to point out that pain and sadness are oftentimes a crucial element of your life paths.  Going through a hard time yourself helps you develop compassion and empathy when you come across someone who is experiencing a similar misfortune.  Suffering the death of a loved one better equips you to comfort another who is grieving.  Not all misfortunes are solely hardships; many of them actually serve as tools.

It would be possible to avoid the pain and anguish of your unhappy experiences if you were able to look – to really see – beyond your physical reality.  There have been several wise and spiritual leaders in your history who have successfully done so.  Becoming enlightened, piercing the veil, and stepping off the timeline are all methods that will help detach you from distressing events that are a normal part of living in your world. It will be as if you put on a pair of glasses and are finally able to see clearly, and the things that seemed so momentous at the time will no longer matter.  Spiritual seekers around the world are trying to reach such a state.

You will probably be surprised to learn that we do NOT recommend you do this.

Think about it – you came into this dense reality to experience the physical and to learn life lessons.  While we are all in favor of shifting your focus from the minutia of daily life to the miracle of universal truths, detaching yourself from the pain which comes with the human experience will only serve to limit your experience.  The hole in your heart after the death of your friend creates a deep appreciation for the bond between companions.  The flooding of your house reveals the importance of community.  Being abandoned by your spouse strips you bare – then forces you to build yourself back up again.  There is little value to “being above it all” and a lot of value to feeling like you are going to die – but surviving instead.

So grieve deeply, cry harder, love more fiercely, and then laugh out loud.  It is when life breaks apart that you really start living.




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