Learning to Manipulate Energy

A few weeks ago I woke up  early and I knew it would be useless to try and get back to sleep before the alarm rang half an hour later, so I sat up in bed, closed my eyes and started to meditate. About 15 minutes in, I realized I was seeing something through my eyelids – some sort of light.   At first I wondered whether I was having some sort of vision, but then I opened my eyes and realized that an actual light had turned on. By itself. One of a set of three light bulbs that made up my overhead light fixture (the three light bulbs are configured to all turn on and off at the same time by way of a single switch). And the light wasn’t shining at full strength, but rather glowing at about 70% of its normal output. I just watched it for about ten minutes, then got up and flicked the switch on and off. Since then, the light has behaved itself.

Most people would jump to the conclusion that my light fixture had been suffering from a strange but temporary short circuit. To a certain extent I agree with them, but…

Stuff happens when people meditate and focus their energy. When I first started going down my spiritual path, I would wake up in the early morning to meditate. At the time I was still working for the federal government, so I didn’t think I could share my experience with my friends and co-workers. This was a period of great turmoil for me as I – very isolated – searched for a more meaningful reality. And several times during those first desperate weeks of searching and meditation there would be a message waiting for me on my answering machine when I arrived at work. Sometimes there would be several messages, other times only one, but they were all recorded during the first several minutes that I had started meditating that morning. The messages were mostly just static, although once a faint voice made it through the static asking, “Are you there?” The call-from number was always the same, so one day I called back. I was sharply informed by the elderly lady who answered the phone that not only had she not called the American Embassy at 5:15 that morning, she had not even been awake. After several weeks, the calls stopped.

Spoon2A few years later I experienced the mind-affecting-matter phenomenon a bit differently when I attended Dr. Joe Gallenberger’s MC-Squared class at the Monroe Institute. During the week-long program, we students sprouted seeds in our hands, bent spoons, and lit a light bulb that we held in our hands. Rather than the deep individual energy of meditation, the energy we used was an excited, laughing group energy.   While my result from the sprouting seeds exercise was only mediocre, I did bend a few spoons and was quite successful with lighting up the fluorescent light bulb. In fact, I could see the light glowing through the tube (this was a circular light bulb that we could grasp with both hands) before my fellow students could see it – I could even see it before it reflected back in the mirror. But after the course finished and I returned home, I began to doubt my experience: maybe I had been rubbing the light bulb when it lit up in the course, and friction – rather than my own energy – is what made it glow. But no. Several months later I was meditating and I had the urge to go look at the light bulb (the students take their light bulbs home with them after the program ends). As soon as I touched the light bulb (it was still it it’s box on the shelf), the blame thing lit up like a Christmas tree.

Our minds can affect matter, and science is slowly getting on board with this concept. Quantum physicists have discovered that the movement of electrons is different depending on whether there is an observer in the room. This experiment has been replicated by many different scientists in many different laboratories. The question we should be asking ourselves is not whether our minds can affect reality, but what we’re going to do with this ability.

Personally, the first thing on my list is to improve my ability to manipulate energy by meditating more (and in a more deliberate manner) and by practicing. Even though I’ve halfheartedly tried a couple of times, I haven’t managed to bend a spoon outside the MC-Squared program. But after I’m able to do that? Many people have channeled their energy for the greater good – several studies involving group meditation suggest that human thought can decrease crime rates, and Lynn McTaggart (author of The Intention Experiment) documents her own experiments (she has received intriguing, albeit mixed results) on her website.  People create reality, unconsciously or not.  My choice is to proceed forward with intention.

What’s yours?




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  1. Discipline is required for meditation. When I am successful there is a marked increase of peace in my daily life. As for using the energy, I don’t have a way to obtain feedback.

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