How To Change Our Reality – Just My Thoughts

Recently on the internet I ran across a couple of things that made me think about reality.  The first was an article on what the plumage of birds looks like in ultraviolet light (a legitimate investigation since birds can see ultraviolet).  I was surprised at how the black feathers popped with iridescent blues, reds and greens.

Reading further, I found out that insects can also see ultraviolet light.  Bees, for example, see our common, yellow dandelion in shades of red and white.

It was under our noses all this time, and we’re missing it.

An optical illusion is also making the rounds on the internet.  If you stare at it for ten to twenty seconds, the colors will disappear into …nothingness.  Our eyes no longer register the colors in the drawing.

Then I asked myself, what else are we missing?  What other truths surround us that we are unable to see?

The tiny squiggly sparkles that you can see against a blue sky if you let your eyes relax – they blink in and out of existence in a nanosecond.  These are the white blood cells moving into capillaries in our retinas.  We generally don’t see them because our brain has been trained to ignore them – the sparkles aren’t relevant.

What’s the noise you hear when you are in a quiet room?  Static?  Your heart pumping?  Blood rushing through your veins?  To me it sometimes sounds as if there was a quiet buzzer going off.  Other times as if a muffled bell was tolling in a distant valley.  Or maybe lots of gnats swarming and singing.  We generally don’t notice it because we are told it’s not important.  We ignore it and no longer hear it.

There’s the old story about Columbus’ first voyage to the Western Hemisphere – I don’t know if it’s true.  It was the said the native people were unable to see his ships approaching until a shaman pointed them out.  The local people were unable to “see” the ships because these vessels were an experience that was outside their reality.  Only the shaman, who was open to other realities, was able to observe the unknown objects approaching.

Truth is, all our perceptions are filtered – some by biology, some by conditioning, others by social fabric.  We tend to comfortably ignore or reject those aspects of reality that don’t fit.  We see what is important; we see what fits into our world view; and we see what we need to survive.  In essence, we are creating reality with our intention.

If we look for danger, we will find we are living in a dangerous world.  If we look for offense, we will observe an increase in people behaving in disrespectful and insulting ways.  If we believe that others have been gifted with same advantages we are, we will be blind to those who have experienced extreme circumstances.  If we look for signs the world is off-kilter….

Have you looked for harmony and cooperation lately?  Have you searched for the unknown?  Have you looked for love and respect?  Have you made efforts to explore the life experiences of people who are not like you (and have you accepted that different life experiences exist)?  Have you worked to expand your world view?  Do you reflect on who you are as a conscious being?

Or are you content to exist within the current structure?

All of us together are weaving the fabric of our reality.  If we don’t like the world we have, we should take steps to create the kind of world we’d rather live in.

All we have to do is look for it.



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