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As you go down your path of personal and spiritual development, you are most likely doing this alone by reading books, finding resources on the internet, and signing up for a solitary class or two. In the material reality that so heavily dominates your world, one’s spiritual life is considered private, even slightly embarrassing. You hide what you are doing because you fear the laughter or ridicule of others. You become isolated.

We would like to tell you to not be ashamed. Seeking truth and knowledge is one of the highest goods that exists, regardless of the plane on or the reality in which you live. The effort that you put forth now will always be of benefit to you, even if you don’t find the answers you are looking for. The seeking, the questing – these are the actions that enable you to rise above the routine of everyday life, and ensure that you don’t get bogged down in the material.

Abandoning your solitary path to find a teacher would provide many advantages. The first is the most obvious – you will receive guidance from someone further along the path than you, and hopefully learn much more efficiently. A second advantage is that you will now have a community – one that is not bewildered by your spiritual questing. Once you are in a welcoming group you will be able to shed the stress you had been accumulating – and you will be surprised at the extent to which it had been weighing you down.

Two Heads in SpaceThe main advantage, however, is what can be created. Humanity is still largely unaware of the subtle energies each individual possess – and the power they can channel. The energies of one person who is flailing without direction are scattered and weak. But when that person finds a teacher the energies are marshaled and organized, becoming capable of affecting the material plane. Should that teacher have several students, the affects will be magnified.

This is very important, because there is really no limit to the changes that humanity’s energy, working in concert, can bring about. Your current level of experience with this is quite limited; research has shown that large-scale meditation events can lower crimes, suicides and violence to a significant degree. This is known by your physics as the “Field Effect.” Actually, this is an amazing discovery, and we are perplexed that nations are not putting resources into investigating the possibilities associated with this. Sometimes we lose sight of how very material your world is – apparently there is little profit to eliminating crime and violence,

And this is why we are here telling you that there is profit to be found in learning to control and manipulate your energies. You can learn to communicate over distance, heat and cool your dwellings, and create unbelievably beautiful music, among other things, by learning to properly focus and manipulate your internal energies. Doing so in a group will increase the possibilities.

So go find your teacher.



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  1. so how does one go about finding a teacher?

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