The End of the World – Channeled Writing

We’ve noticed, over the past few years, that humanity is becoming increasingly agitated.  Your economies are in confusion.  Your communities are experiencing discord.  Even your national borders are becoming unstable.  Reality is no longer predictable and you are flailing as if you had no anchor, grasping onto whatever flotsam or jetsam passes you by in order to save yourself.

Because the world is coming to an end.

Fear and panic!  Anger and resentment!  A tendency to close yourself off from anything that is new or unfamiliar.  These are the reactions we see in your species.  You would argue that these are logical and rational behaviors under the circumstances.  We just shake our heads.

Because when all is lost, you still lose nothing.  When your house burns down, you are unsuccessful in school, or you lose your job, you still have lost nothing.  When your car is totaled in a collision, when your house is robbed, you have not been harmed.

This is because you are the essential component of this Earth reality, and your stuff is just holding you back.

The end of the world is approaching, and we are cheering it on.  But this won’t be like a cheap disaster movie in which a rogue asteroid blows up the planet.  Instead this is something that we’ve talked about before – the vibrational level of your planet is rising.

That’s not all, however.  It is time for us to provide an addendum that, while previously implied, now must be said directly and out loud – you need to raise your own vibrational level in order to evolve, to survive, and to thrive.

The stress you are feeling is your resistance to change.  Your position, your belongings, your status – these are all shackles that chain you to the old reality.  Because when you are taking care of your stuff, you are ignoring your self.

We understand your fear and your anger, but these are feeling that must be left aside.  You must let go of your attachments.  You need to value yourself over status and possessions.

A good example is a quote from your Bible that states, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”  We would suggest, however, that a rich man is not necessarily one who has money, but a person who defines himself by things.

The structures of your world are eroding.  This is a good thing as it signals the beginning of a new reality.  We cannot promise that you will not experience pain, difficulties, or troubles.  We can promise, however, that once through the needle’s eye, humanity will never look back.

The end of the world is nearly here.  Know your own worth; see the value in your friends and neighbors.  You are all in this together, and you won’t be able to move forward with the heavy baggage you now carry.






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