Earth Energies, Geopathic Stress and Illness

The Earth is an electromagnetic body, and both science and tradition tell us that there are several energetic grid patterns that encircle the globe. Many of us are most familiar with ley lines, which are Earth Gridknown for connecting ancient spiritual or sacred sites. For example, Stonehenge, the pyramids at Giza and the Great Wall of China are all said to be found along ley lines.   I’ve always thought that living in an area crossed by an Earth energy grid was a good thing – after all, who wouldn’t think it lucky to be near an ancient spiritual highway? But I’ve found out that just because certain energies come naturally from the earth doesn’t mean they are healthy. Indeed, many earth energies are a root of geopathic stress, which in turn can seriously harm our health.

The Science Behind It

Conventional science offers little consensus on the issue of Earth energies and how they affect us. There are many who believe these grids do not, possibly because they were first associated with spiritual sites, or maybe because these lines were primarily identified by dowsing, a practice that has shown uneven results. Because of this disagreement, it’s important to look at the data.

Do Earth energies really exist? Conventional science admits that some indeed do. For example, telluric currents are geomagnetic currents, which flow through the surface layers of the Earth and through the oceans. Used as a tool to help identify areas of geographic stress, telluric currents are often used by geophysicists to map subsurface structures such as sedimentary basins, layered rocks, and faults, and are used in industries such as mining exploration, geothermic exploration, petroleum exploration, and ground water exploration. The telluric currents are continuously in motion, moving toward the equator during the day and toward the poles at night/

The acceptance of the reality of Telluric currents opens up the possibility that other Earth energies existthat are a source of geopathic stress. Unfortunately, the majority of scientific work on this issue has been undertaken in Europe, and – with the significant exception of Kathe Bacher’s Earth Radiation – is only available in German. That said, there is a significant body of data that suggests further investigation is warranted.

  • 1929: German scientist Baron Gustav von Pohl (also a dowser) theorized that earth radiation affected human health. To prove this, he mapped the energy lines in the town of Vilsbiburg, then compared them to the records of the district hospital. It was found that every single one of the 48 recorded cancer deaths had occurred in people who had been sleeping in beds standing exactly above one of the powerful “water veins” (underground streams are also a source of geopathic stress) that Pohl had mapped before seeing the medical records. Pohl’s findings were published by the Berlin Centre for Cancer Research in 1930.
  • 1935-1953: Dr. Manfred Curry was head of a research clinic in southern Germany and investigated the earth energy phenomenon. He published several papers detailing the impact of the “Curry Lines” on his patients’ health, with an emphasis on cancer and inflamation. These electromagnetically charged lines run diagonally to the poles in both directions (SE-NW and NE-SW). The Curry lines are said to lie 8 and 11 ½ feet apart, but this can vary depending on how close one is to the Equator. It is important to note that these energy lines are not harmful or beneficial by themselves – it is where the lines cross that one finds increased health issues.
  • 1950: The Hartmann Net, first described by Dr. Ernst Hartmann is an interconnected grid of electromagnetic energy that runs both north-south and east-west at about a 45 degree angle from the Curry lines.. The width of the energy lines are said to be between 8 and 12 inches, and spaced between 6 feet apart (north-south) and about 10-12 feet apart (east-west), but this will vary depending on your geographical location and the type of rock you have under your house. Like the Curry lines, the lines of the Hartmann Net are neither harmful nor beneficial by themselves. However, increased incidence of illnesses has been described in areas where these lines cross. Dr. Hartmann published two books on the negative impact of energy lines on human health (in German only – Krankheit als Standortproblem Bd. 1 + Bd. 2) and spent decades researching the phenomenon. He found that if people worked or slept over the meridians of earth energy (where the north-south and east-west lines intersected), they could suffer heart attacks, insomnia, chronic asthma, migraines, backaches and cancers.
  • 1977: Austrian school teacher and dowser Kathe Bachler published her book, Earth Radiation, in which she described the results of her investigations of over 11,000 people in over 3,000 house, apartments and work places, in which she found that sleeping or working over areas where lines from the Curry or Hartmann grids intersected often resulted in cancer, allergies, arthritis, insomnia, learning disabilities, and many other diseases. Bachler stressed that the geopathic stress areas are not by themselves the cause of illness. After all, many people can live for decades in such areas yet remain health. That said, if a person has any genetic vulnerability to an illness, the Curry and Hartmann lines will weaken their bodies’ natural defenses, allowing them more easily to develop a disease. Likewise, removing an ill person from an area of geopathic stress will not “cure” the disease, but it will remove blockages that had previously made conventional medicine ineffective.
  • Bachler is also know as the person who developed the “rolling classroom” technique. Having observed that the desks of the “worst” and most disruptive students in her classroom normally were located at the intersections of Hartmann and Curry lines, she developed a system in which the students in her classes shifted their seating position every 2 to 3 weeks so that the impact of any negative earth energies did not fall disproportionally on any single student. By doing this, Bachler found that disruptions in the classroom went down and overall grades improved.
  • 1985: Dr. Veronika Carstens (wife of former German President Karl Carstens) published a study documenting the spontaneous healing of 700 terminal cancer patients after they relocated their beds to an area free from geopathic stress. She and her husband established the Carstens Foundation (Carstens-Stiftung) – a major funder of alternative medicine research in Europe.
  • 1992: Dr. Rudolf Kessler and Andreas Kopschina (a naturopath and geopathologist) conducted a study of 52 patients that demonstrated that chronic or recurrent diseases have a direct correlation to the presence of geopathic stresses in bedrooms. Their study, Location-dependent and Technical Radiation as the Cause of Incureable Chronic Disease, can be found in German only.
  • 1994: Andreas Kopschina – with naturopaths Wofgang and Ursula Daun – went on to undertake an additional study, The Pathogenic Effect of Geopathic Stress, of 8,200 patients. Like the above study, it is only available in German.
What To do

While it seems clear that geopathic stress is potentially harmful to human health, how the average person takes this information and uses it to improve their life is less so. How do you find out whether the area where you spend the biggest block on uninterrupted time (for most people this would be their bed) is located over intersections of Hartmann or Curry lines? For measuring manmade energy – microwaves and electric lines, etc. – one can always use an EMF meter. There are natural EM meters that claim to only measure biological energy, and not that from appliances or wiring, but when I asked the manufacturer I was told that it would not detect geopathic stress areas. Hiring a dowser seems to be the only way to identify these energy grids, but dowsing is not as common as it once was and finding a local practitioner would likely be problematic.

I read somewhere that using a compass, while not totally reliable, would help in identifying these areas. So I downloaded the Commander Compass app onto my iPad and went exploring around my house. There were two areas in my house where the compass needle consistently veered from north – the dining room table and my bed. Were these the intersections of Hartmann and Curry lines, or was the moving needle being influenced by (take your pick) a nearby cell phone tower, power lines, or metal in the bedframe, etc? There was no way to know.  (Note:  Does anyone know how compass apps work in iPads?  Do iPads use magnets, gyroscope capabilities or satellites?  If satellites, would the proximity of metal have any effect on the direction the needle points?  I wouldn’t think so, but I don’t know.  If anyone has insight, please leave a comment below.)

BedFortunately there is a simple and inexpensive solution, which can be stated as: “when in doubt, just move your bed.” (This is the solution that Kathe Bachler championed.) If you suffer from recurring or chronic illnesses, move your bed and see whether there are any changes in your health. So in the name of science I set up a cot in my bedroom in an area where there were no compass anomalies.

Sleeping on the cot was uncomfortable and I woke up often. That said, after a few days I realized that I no longer needed to massage my feet when I woke up in the morning; the mild arthritis in my feet – which I’ve struggled with for 17 years –  seemed to have disappeared. Then I went back to sleeping in my bed, and by day two I was back to massaging my feet. Back to the cot, and the pain once again disappeared.

I don’t know whether the improvement in my feet (going on three weeks now) was a result of moving out of an intersection of Hartmann or Curry lines. My arthritis could just as easily been provoked or worsened by an interaction between my metal bedframe and a nearby power line – this stuff isn’t studied nearly enough. And if the change in my feet is a result of moving out of the area of Hartmann/Curry, it begs another question – what else was going on in my body that I don’t yet know about?  All the authors I read stated that it often takes several years for disease (such as cancer) to manifest itself in patients sleeping over the energy lines.  These experts also emphasized that people are different, and just like those individuals who smoke their entire lives without getting lung cancer, there will be people who are not be negatively affected by Hartmann/Curry.  I guess the important thing to realize is that we don’t know enough, and that we should take precautions when possible.

So move your bed.




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  1. I don’t recall ever hearing of energetic grids and the effects on our health. I do recall though, of hearing that crops planted under power lines don’t grow as fast as crops in a totally open field. (When house-hunting we refused to even look at a house built under power lines.) So why not? We are surrounded by electromagnetic energies. How often do we think of the effect they are having on our health?

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