Dowsing: Human Communication With the Universe

This article, written by Greg Storozuk (Professional Dowser and past ASD President), was originally published in the ASD’s quarterly journal, The American Dowser, several years back.  Republished here with permission of the author, it offers a surprisingly philosophical and spiritual discussion of the principles of dowsing.  MTPS’s previous interview with Greg Storozuk can be read here.


Sooner or later, every dowser will wonder, “How does dowsing work anyway? Is it a gift? Can everybody do this? Am I a ‘special person?’ Is there a scientific explanation?” Dowsers ask questions, but where do the answers come from?

Opinions abound, but no one has a precise answer except what works for them. So it’s left up to the individual dowser to discover an explanation, which they consider to be adequate, workable, and comfortable.

In this regard, the author of this column offers a notion, an idea, from which to begin your personal inquiry for further introspection.

Truth endures. Dowsing would have died out long ago had the skill not been significantly productive in human society as a whole. The fact that it has survived for thousands of years around the world attests to the fact that dowsing remains a human skill of considerable value to all mankind. Perhaps then, the question of “How does dowsing work?’ should be replaced with:

“It works. Let’s use it despite its’ enigmatic nature.”

Dowsing then joins the company of other universally well known but unexplainable phenomena such as electricity, magnetism and gravity, since adequate definitions of these phenomena still defy the scientific community as well.

An inquisitive scientist may ask, “Is dowsing a physical reaction to some yet undiscovered force? A mental/chemical reaction in the brain like a human radar or sonar? Are electromagnetics involved? (Keeping in mind that neither can be fully explained.) Or, is dowsing both a physical and mental/chemical combination? If so, in what percentages and in what order do these reactions occur?”

In short, science first needs to determine how dowsing needs to be studied in order to apply the appropriate tools for measurement.

If, on the other hand, one chooses to study dowsing from a different point of view, the thought process reverses itself a full 180 degrees. From a deductive point of view one must first consider the grandest, all inclusive, natural concept you can imagine, and then use reason and logic to reach your own personally acceptable answer as to how the dowsing process ‘works.’ Although unscientific, the deductive way of thinking allows the mind to free itself from the framework of science into which the explanation of dowsing must fall.

For the illustrative purpose of deductive thinking, I’ve chosen to use a generic term for this grand, natural concept. The term is “Deity” and the definition used is:

‘That which is referred to as Deity is the totality of consciousness, intelligence, and energy of all that exists, whether tangible or intangible.’

If one studies this definition carefully and logically, it can be easily understood, by extension, how everything (and every non-thing) in the Universe can be reduced to these three concepts – consciousness, intelligence and energy.

Should you consider this definition to be acceptable, then these three concepts would make up the cornerstones of natural law. We must always keep in mind that natural law precedes human science and human religions by tens, or perhaps hundreds, of billions of years. So besides offering a simpler explanation, would it not also be more correct to use the senior precept as the starting point for our inquiry?

By comparing the two viewpoints we can see how complex a scientific investigation would have to be to explain a relatively simple phenomenon as to how dowsing works despite the fact it’s something that people have been doing naturally since the dawn of man.

So from the simplistic deductive point of view, dowsing can more easily be understood by the common man. This is probably why many dowsers when asked how dowsing works will simply reply:

“It works. So I use it”

No further explanation is necessary other than its acceptance.

Dowsing UniverseIf one is willing to accept the concepts of consciousness, intelligence and energy as the cornerstones of natural law, then these concepts would therefore include the creation of everything in the universe on both the macro and microcosmic scales.

Further, if one is to apply these cornerstones on the macro and microcosmic scales, it would also mean that everything in the Universe is alive, because at the most basic level, everything is made from the same “stuff.” The only differences would be the various applications coming from nature itself. Mountains, rocks, trees, oceans, clouds, plants, air, animals, insects, human beings and dirt are all made from the same ‘stuff;’ as are the sun, moon, stars, planets, galaxies and all the energies and life forms in between with each having their own unique connection with Deity.

(Something to ponder: Is there any difference in anything?  It’s up to you, the dowser, to decide.)

At its very nature then, the dowsing skill is nothing more than a human being employing a rudimentary form of communication with another life form existing in the same universe. As far as the dowser’s mind can reach, that’s how far this communication can extend.

For some reason, somewhere, somehow, and some when, someone decided to see if dowsing could be used in a different manner. These explorations extended beyond the standard survival skills into the unseen world of earth energies. The Pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island, and other monuments from the ancient past are testaments to some of these newer applications. They’ve also become enigmas to modern science – but not to the experienced dowser.

Somehow, dowsing manages to endure in the modern world despite its cynics and skeptics, who, in all likelihood, have never tried dowsing in earnest or even read any dowsing literature. Even so, they cannot deny the results of water wells drilled in extremely arid areas. An underground water vein has its own life, which is why “live water” is the target sought by most experienced dowsers for water wells. Science chooses to ignore the dowsers’ water theory, but this is a topic for another column.

Other unseen energies such as oil, gas, minerals, tunnels, and other tangible targets, and ley energy, geopathic zones, and entitities are also ‘alive’, and physically manifest themselves in many beneficial and non-beneficial ways. In short, there’s absolutely no shortage of dowsing targets. Everything is fair game.

In sum, thinking deductively in the most basic terms of consciousness, intelligence and energy, one simple fact exists:

Either something is, or is not.

When translated into the dowsing language, this becomes a simple and humble “yes” or “no.”

Once the proper state of mind has been achieved, the dowsing routine begins by first resonating, and then dialoging, with the dower’s chosen objective, also composed of consciousness, intelligence and energy, on a level of mutual mental vibration. All that’s necessary then is to ask the proper question in the proper state of mind to receive the answer to your inquiry.

Thanks to the many successful practitioners around the world flowing the same process as those who have gone before, dowsing perseveres in the modern day world and is continuing to develop into many different arenas. The expansion of the dowsing skill and its numerous applications in modern times has replaced the basic survival skills associated with locating sources of food and water, although a slow renaissance of water dowsing is now underway due to the drought conditions permeating our planet. So it appears that the skill has gone full circle or, more correctly, is completing another turn on the upward spiral of human existence. Hopefully, for the sake of humanity, this trend will continue.

Greg Storozuk 2Deductively speaking the, the answer to any question is already known. In accord with all the tenets of natural law, dowsing is a simple form of communication with everything in the universe. It’s not necessarily an easy skill to learn, but it is simple. All that’s needed are a sender, a receiver, a common language, and of course, practice, practice, practice.


“Information’s pretty thin stuff, unless mixed with experience.”

                                                                                                                   Clarence Day






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