Dowsing, Energy and Moving Forward – An Interview With Jody Maas

Dowsing isn’t just for water; Jody Maas is an energy and spiritual dowser. With 40 years experience, Maas considers dowsing a life skill for everyone.

What got you interested in dowsing and how did you learn it?

I had this feeling since I was a kid that there was more to the world than what we were taught – that something was missing.  When I was 12 or 13 I made myself a pendulum from string and paraffin wax, and I taught myself how to use it.  Years later I took a course and formally learned about basic dowsing practices and L-rods, etc.

Dowsing wasn’t something that we talked about in my family, but when I was 16 years old I learned my grandfather had been a water dowser.  And then my Mom always did something with a ring suspended by a string to tell the sex of an unborn baby.  But it wasn’t anything that people talked about.

The public’s reaction to dowsing seems to be mixed.  On one hand, we’ve been reading articles from the UK that report almost scornfully that the majority of British water companies still employ traditional dowsers.  On the other is the story of the recent discovery of an enormous cavern underneath Montreal, which the explorers matter-of-factly admit they located using a dowsing rod.  What is the reaction you get when you tell people you’re a dowser?

Mostly they ask, “What’s dowsing?”  Probably 90% of the people I come across don’t know about dowsing, and those few who are familiar with the concept don’t know how much it has changed – I have to explain dowsing isn’t just for water and mining anymore.  While I have successfully dowsed for water in the past, I’m more of an energy and spiritual dowser.  And as vice president of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, this ignorance about dowsing is something I’d like to address – I want to educate people and show them that dowsing is a life skill.

Dowsing has traditionally been used in mining activities and for locating water.  Since the majority of us will never have any need to do either of these things, is dowsing still relevant to the average person?  How could we use it?

More and more we see dowsing being used for spiritual purposes.  People are so caught up in the material world that they forget they are spiritual beings who are only temporarily in a material body.  People need to learn there is more to life than going to work each day.

When I teach classes I show my students how to identify the auras of trees and the energy coming off rocks.  It’s very hands on instruction.  I take them to areas on my property that I’ve already dowsed as having certain physical and spiritual energies, and the majority of my students are able to successfully locate the specific spots – some of them even have their own personal spiritual experiences.

You focus on earth energies in your dowsing practice.  What type of services do you offer and why are they needed?

You’re right, while I have dowsed for water, I work primarily with energy harmonization.  I’ve worked a lot in the real estate sector for agents who find that a house they have listed just isn’t selling.  When I go in I generally find energetic disharmony.  After I neutralize or harmonize it using dowsing techniques, the house sells pretty quickly.  Similarly, I do work for private homeowners who move into a house and suddenly find that family members are arguing a lot more than normal or are falling ill.  That’s because they’ve moved into a house that had a lot of existing negative energies left over from the previous owners or issues related to geopathic stress.  After I go and harmonize it, things generally improve.

When locating petroleum or a water well, it’s easy to see whether the dowser was successful – feedback comes with finding oil or water.  I would imagine that it’s not so simple when working with earth energies.  How do you – or your clients – know that your dowsing has been successful?

It is complicated, and energy dowsing isn’t for everyone.  The feedback my clients give is that the house sells or there are fewer arguments in the house so living conditions improve.  The feedback I get comes in the form of repeat and word-of-mouth business.  I’ve also never had a complaint, nor have I been called back because my initial dowsing service hadn’t worked.

In some ways dowsing for and remediating energies seems more complicated than dowsing for water – a dowser just needs to find water, but he needs to change the actual flow of the energies.  If you’re able to dissipate or turn away negative earth energies, where do they go?  How do you ensure that in harmonizing your client’s property you aren’t creating a disaster for the neighbors?

This is a legitimate concern, especially since more and more of us are living in cities.  This would be a big worry if we were talking about moving or diverting negative (noxious) energies, but I’m not doing that.  I’m taking energies and harmonizing them or neutralizing their harmful properties by applying dowsing techniques where they stand – I leave them where they are

Many of us use crystals and other stones as a method to increase harmony in our environment.  Could we be doing it wrong and actually creating dis-harmony instead of harmony?  Or is that something you normally only have to worry about with the larger standing stones?

This is a good question.  I’m a crystal person myself – I’ve found myself drawn to them since I was a teenager – and I talk to them.  What people need to understand is that crystals are amplifiers; whatever you project – negative or positive – they will amplify.  It’s also a good idea to clear them periodically; many people use salt water.  After you are finished using salt water, pour the water outside in a garden or on the lawn.  Don’t pour it down your drain.  This way, any unwanted energies go back to the Earth, not into the pipes of your home.

I don’t go by size when I select my crystals, I go by feel.  A lot of people believe that crystals that are optically clear are stronger and more effective, but I like crystals with imperfections – I like the energy that many of these so-called defects give off.

Looking at current society, do you think dowsing might be of significant help in areas that it’s not generally used in today?

I’d really like to see dowsers finding new paths forward rather than repeating what we’ve always done in the past.  L-rods and Y-rods are only as good as the dowser – and are only as good as the questions the dowser is asking.  I’m hoping that the new people coming to dowsing will be asking questions about new energies, new ways to use crystals, and new technologies – then confirming it all with dowsing.  New energies and vibrations are coming to our planet, and we can use dowsing to find out how to enhance them.  That’s the process I used when I began constructing my pyramid units.

Pyramid units?  Tell me about them.

I started by asking questions: Are there new energies coming to the Earth?  Can I make devices to enhance them?  I might receive an image in response.  Should it be in (this shape)?  Should it be made out of (that material)?  Should it be less than one foot long?  Should it be over three feet long?  You get the picture.  From dozens and dozens of questions – all confirmed by dowsing – I finally came up with a “pyramid unit.”  People sit on a chair in the middle of it for a few minutes – generally less than five minutes – and it works to adjust the frequencies in their energy bodies, helping to release blockages in order to connect with higher energies.  Most people who sit in my pyramid unit have some sort of experience – they feel unusual heat, they feel a breeze, they get an image of a starship, or they hear people talking to them.  They have their own personal experience.

It’s my belief that the more we work with these energies, the stronger they’ll become.

I understand you’re an ET experiencer.  Did this information come from them?

I am in communication with a group of beings, spirits, frequencies or energies – I’m not really sure there is a word that accurately describes them – connected to the star Arcturius.  Am I special?  I don’t think so.  The Arcturians are transmitting information down to the Earth with the goal of helping humanity to come together to make the world a better place.  And they are broadcasting the information to everyone, not to a certain person or persons.  Anyone who is listening can hear it as long as you are living at a high enough vibration.  I respond to the information I get – sometimes words, sometimes images – by creating pyramids and other energy devices.  Others create sculpture or make paintings.  There are many modalities unique to each of us which enable us all to share the energy.

And now I’m getting to know people who have been receiving the same images I’ve been receiving for the past 30 years.  It’s a nice confirmation.

If people could know one thing about dowsing, what do you wish that would be?

I would like people to realize how simple dowsing really is.  People need to apply it to something that is important to them.  If you are interested in health, learn to dowse for physical weaknesses or vitamin deficiencies – dowse for whatever will enhance your health.  If you believe that locating fresh water sources is how you can be of greatest use, do that.  Be a pioneer.  Be creative in your approach to dowsing.  People should get a teacher and learn the basics, but after that just go out and do it.  Practice, practice, practice.

What you’re doing by dowsing is learning to enhance your own natural intuition.  We use L-rods and pendulums to give us confirmation of yes or no responses.  With practice, we find ourselves getting the answers before the dowsing tool gives a response.  This is how practice helps us strengthen our confidence in our intuition and our ability to listen to our higher self.


Jody Maas, Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, has been a dowser for 40 years.  He offers his dowsing service to residents and businesses on-site and remotely, working specifically with the harmonization of energies.  Jody makes and sells his own dowsing tools and crystal energy devices.  He also offers dowsing, energy awareness, and guided meditation workshops.  For more information, see his website at:




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