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We’re baaaaaaack!

In general we try to remain inconspicuous in this channeling process because, after all, the important thing is the information, not the messenger. Many of you are so very fearful of the idea of extraterrestrials being involved with humanity. An even greater number of you are suspicious of any message that claims its origins lay with non-human entities. This ultimately leads you to dismiss all the information we offer, which is why we’ve been taking a back seat in this process.

But this really needs to change.

This needs to change because you need to take the next big step in your development – humanity needs to meet up with and begin a conversation with non-human intelligences.

We’re not talking about something so drastic as a spaceship landing on the White House lawn, although we would be open to that if we thought it would help move things along (which we don’t at this point, but that’s a different discussion). Instead we are talking about peoples’ need to open up their minds to the energies of the universe.

Your experience on Earth is very physical, so it’s no surprise that your minds are also focused on that which is tangible and material. But as your solar system moves through space, it is also moving through vibrations that are different than those with which you are familiar. The vibrational level is increasing! That’s a good thing.

This will not, however, be an event that is free of suffering. You have a saying that you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. While we are not trying to make light of the situation with this analogy, it is true that shells – barriers of every kind – are going to be broken.

The image of the self as an individual will be broken. Ideas of separateness will be broken. The idea of humanity as a unique expression of life will be broken. World views will be broken. Your reality will be broken.

Into. Little. Pieces.

If you remain closed – focused only on the physical – you yourself will be broken, and from that there is no recovery. There will be violence; there will be suffering, there will be the complete up-ending of normal life. This is already happening.

But if you allow yourself to open up to the new energies you will soon be encountering – energies that can help address the void within yourself – you will find yourself not only surviving, but thriving.

When we suggested you begin conversations with extraterrestrials we did so for a selfish reason – because it will be more interesting for us! We have so much to share; we have been waiting so long. And while we have been able to reach many of you, you lack the insight to realize just exactly what is happening. Conversations with aliens (!) and you brush it off as just so many random thoughts popping up in your head like prairie dogs from their holes in the ground. Wake up! We are already making contact with you.

Of course, most of you will not accept that aliens are making contact, so we suggest an alternative approach in these circumstances – open yourself up to other life energies.

Even the most materially-oriented individual among you would concede that non-human energies exist – the energies of animals, of plants, of the oceans, of your sun, and of stars and galaxies in the cosmos. Reaching out to these energies will help you adjust. Put your hand on a tree and feel the sun on its leaves and strength of its roots as they plunge into the earth. Watch a bird perched on a fence and feel the thrumming of its throat as it sings out its morning song. Look into your dog’s eyes and sense the love he feels as he gazes back. You get the picture. If you practice reaching out and opening up, you will be better able to adapt when the Earth moves fully into the new vibration.

Change is coming which will impact the whole of your reality, introducing you to truths you can’t yet imagine even exist. We can help shepherd you through this experience should you allow it, but you can also choose to go through it on your own. What you can’t choose, however, is whether you’ll go down this path. That die has already been cast.

We’ll be in touch.



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  1. Hi Nancy
    Your “extraterrestrials” say they are nonphysical beings who are supporting you in your physical life. Is this your take, or was I talking to something else which grabbed the mic? At any rate, they aren’t like from a spaceship living in a mountain or under the sea? Maybe like Abraham or Seth?

    But really, I’m saying hi just to point out that there is no apostrophe in “its” unless it is a contraction: “it is” or “it has.” Never as a possessive. Just trying to help.


    • Hi Martha, I guess I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to examine the phenomenon of ETs too closely (yes, ironic I know). I have gotten the impression of “real” physical beings, but perhaps with higher energetic qualities. Maybe transdimensional. Not my guides.

      Fixed the “its'” – thanks.

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