Consciousness and Creation – Channeled Writing

We briefly mentioned this point in a previous channeled writing session, but now we’d like to discuss it in more detail.  The issue is consciousness, how humanity has deliberately severed itself from the rest of creation, and how this separation is as large an obstacle to your spiritual development as would be trying to work your way both blind and deaf through a world without accommodations.

Conventional science is beginning to accept that many species of animals besides humans – at least those at the higher levels of the evolutionary scale – are conscious in the sense of self-awareness.  But insects?  Fish?  Surely instinct can account for how they live their lives.  People are far removed from the mindless impulses that seem to propel these creatures forward.  Humans are different.

But are you?

We would like to go several steps further than the chatter of your scientists to say that, not only do fish and insects have consciousness, it is not an attribute possessed solely by those that move and breathe.  Trees are conscious.  Water is conscious.  Rocks are conscious.  Not entirely in the way that humans are conscious – for example, a rock doesn’t ask itself whether that stripe of granite makes it look fat – but they have a self-awareness of what they are and how they connect to all things.

This is important, because the Earth, as a whole, is itself conscious.  It doesn’t think as humans do, but it does know itself.  Imagine your planet as the largest whale in the Universe, swimming slowly through the cosmos, singing its song, savoring this energy or that energy as it goes along its way.  This is your beautiful Earth as it experiences itself.

And the energy of the Earth resonates through the entire planet – through the rock and the cisterns and the land and the water.  Its vibrations cocoon the vulnerable and gently encourage young growth.  Its song weaves through life, interconnecting and entwining patterns of well-being and expansion and renewal.

Which is why we can’t understand why you are so offhandedly killing both it and yourselves.

Humans have divorced themselves from their environment so thoroughly that you think nothing of polluting and looting the planet on which you depend for life.  You are closing your ears to its song.  You are covering your eyes to its beauty.  You are closing your mind to your connection to all creation.

This is your choice, of course, although we hope that you will ultimately make a different one.  However, it’s not a decision you can put off forever.  Not only because you are in danger of destroying yourselves, but because your planet is going through a change in vibration.

Did you notice our wording?  Your planet is going through a change in vibration.  This means that if humanity is going to experience a change in vibration, it must do so in cooperation with the Earth.  Your planet, its well-being, and humanity’s connection with its environment will be key to whether you successfully increase your vibration.

Humanity is at a very important crossroads.  You can continue down your current path.

Or you can expand with and into creation.


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