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In ancient times channeling was personified by the Oracle of Delphi. More recently in the 1960s, Jane Roberts re-introduced people to the concept of channeling with her release of the Seth materials. While bringing channeling into the mainstream was a good thing, Jane Robert’s method of channeling – deep trance channeling of which she remembered nothing afterwards – created the impression that channeling was something special that only unique individuals could do. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone can channel, and you don’t have to be semi-comatose to do it. Channeling can be as simple as listening to your inner voice, or being inspired in meditation to paint a picture. Sometimes channeling can prompt you to write crazy stories….like me.

I’m a conscious channel — I am in control of what I say or write rather than going off into a trance from whence I would later emerge with no recollection of what happened — but I still can’t explain how I do it.  You don’t have to believe in this stuff, however.  If nothing else, you can read my channeled material for its entertainment value.

It Depends on You  June 2018

Taking a Different Path  May 2018

The End of the World  March 2018

Consciousness and Creation  February 2018

Doomsday and the Tides of Time  January 2018

A Note to Heroes  December 2017

You Are Not Helpless  November 2017

“It’s Our Turn Now”  June 2017

When Anger and Despair Come To Visit  May 2017

Creating Your Own Life Experience  April 2017

Refocusing Your Life  March 2017

Conversations  January 2017

Now Is All There Is  January 2017

The Burden of Being Right  December 2016

Being the Catalyst  December 2016

Manifesting Grace  November 2016

A Life of Integrity  October 2016

Putting Your Life On Hold  October 2016

Call It a Storm Wind  September 2016

Journeys May 2016

Maintaining Balance While Living in the Now  April 2016

Vibrational Shift and Social Media  April 2016

When Time Bogs Down  March 2016

Spiritual Development and the Earth  March 2016

Creating the New Reality  March 2016

It’s Okay to Give Up  March 2016

The Issue of Environment  February 2016

The Importance of Raising Your Vibration  February 2016

Racing the Day  January 2016

You Are Good Enough  January 2016

The Stillness of Your Soul  January 2016

Deciding Who You Will Be  December 2015

The Ripples of Life  December 2015

Moving Forward  December 2015

Great Migrations  November 2015

Are You Having Fun Yet?  November 2015

When You Don’t Think You Can Do It  November 2015

The Song of Humanity  October 2015

The Truth About Extraterrestrials  October 2015

The Question of Destiny  October 2015

Truth and the Facts  September 2015

Are You Ready?  September 2015

You Will Be All Right  September 2015

When Worlds Collide  August 2015

The Enlightenment Question  August 2015

The Flow and The Focus  July 2015

We Are All Sacred  July 2015

A Discussion on Community  July 2015

A Piece of Advice  June 2015

When It All Seems Pointless  June 2015

Finding Your Teacher  May 2015

The Lament of Copernicus  May 2015

Sacred Geometry  May 2015

Surviving the Wake  May 2015

Are You on the Wrong Path?  April 2015

Tapping into the Universal Matrix  March 2015

The Arrival of ETs – A Transition Plan for Federal, State and Local Governments  February 2015

Coffee With Aliens  January 2015

The Greatness of Simplicity   November 2014

On Water, Vibration and Developing Psi Abilities  February 2014

A Brief Note  November 2013

Fragment of a Love Poem  May 2012

A Short Status Report on the Human Race  (long) January 2012




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