Channeled Material

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In ancient times channeling was personified by the Oracle of Delphi. More recently in the 1960s, Jane Roberts re-introduced people to the concept of channeling with her release of the Seth materials. While bringing channeling into the mainstream was a good thing, Jane Robert’s method of channeling – deep trance channeling of which she remembered nothing afterwards – created the impression that channeling was something special that only unique individuals could do. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone can channel, and you don’t have to be semi-comatose to do it. Channeling can be as simple as listening to your inner voice, or being inspired in meditation to paint a picture. Sometimes channeling can prompt you to write crazy stories….like me.

I’m a conscious channel — I am in control of what I say or write rather than going off into a trance from whence I would later emerge with no recollection of what happened — but I still can’t explain how I do it.  You don’t have to believe in this stuff, however.  If nothing else, you can read my channeled material for its entertainment value.

Guiding the Storm  March 2019

It Depends on You  June 2018

Taking a Different Path  May 2018

The End of the World  March 2018

Consciousness and Creation  February 2018

Doomsday and the Tides of Time  January 2018

Channeled material from prior to January 2018 is now only available in my eBook, “The Storm Wind: Channeled Guidance For Unsettled Times.”  (Removing the free content was not my idea – it was a requirement of Amazon’s KDP program)




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