Taking a Different Path – Channeled Writing

Those of you who gaze at the stars and hope for contact are often mocked by scientists who maintain it is impossible.  The distances are overwhelmingly vast.  The journey would take generations.  Any signs of alien societies humanity might espy today are probably already dead, victims of the eons it takes light to cross the distance between the alien planet and your Earth.  Humanity might eventually reach the stars, but you will never have neighbors.

Seriously?  These naysayers are indulging in the self-important idea that the science they have identified is all the science that exists.  Any star travel, any human development, must be able to be classified under branches of knowledge that humanity already has described and catalogued.  There is no room for flights of imagination.  There is no possibility of taking a different path.

We would like to assure you that taking a different path is indeed possible, and that it has been done by many intelligent species.  It is in this way that we are able to travel the stars, to make connections, and to explore what the most learned among you claim is out of your reach forever.

The thing that is both good and difficult about this different path is that its success will not be determined by those who have wealth, who have power or who possess many educational degrees.  Taking a different path is something that humanity must do as a whole, or remain permanently tethered to your planet.

Of course we are talking about raising your vibration.  Was there ever any question?  The new energies that humanity will need to use can only be accessed in a higher vibrational state.  When that point is reached, you will be able to recognize new states of being and make use of the experiences they afford you.

Now is when we talk about multidimensionality.  Everything that exists is vibration, and many of those vibrations can only be observed once you raise yourself out of fourth dimensional existence.  Once you are able to do so, quantum entanglement – the so-called “spooky action at a distance” – will no longer seem so strange.  Right now you are like the proverbial ant who sees a human foot placed down next to him.  The foot appeared to blink into existence out of nothing, and when the human continues walking forward, the foot blinks out of existence.  Magic.  Supernatural powers.  Wizardry.

This is how we are able to travel the universe, or to appear and disappear in your reality.  Living at a higher vibration allows us to see and work with the energies that exist at that level.  For example, if you could see through our eyes, you would recognize that suns are, in truth, energy foci with ribbons of vibration streaming in and out.  By matching our vibration to a specific vibrational ribbon, we can be carried into that sun …and immediately appear in another part of the universe that has the identical vibration.  It’s more complicated than that, of course, but you get the idea.  We are not dependent on the physical constraints of your four dimensional existence.

Another way of understanding the differences in dimensions is music.  When you play four keys together on a piano, they are all that you hear – they are all that you perceive.  But in reality there are several other piano keys right next to the ones that you’ve already pressed down that you could also play should you wish.  Pressing down on a fifth key, you are perceiving a different reality, you are living in a different place.

But it is not enough that one person or two people or an entire group of people achieves the ability to live at a higher vibrational level and access other dimensions; humanity as a whole must take this path in order to change its reality.  This is why we nag you so – we know what’s at stake.  It is not enough that you yourself have done the work and made the changes that empower you to vibrate at a higher level.  You must also help your neighbor see there is a different path.

Now is the time that change is possible.  If you choose to not change, if you choose to not help your neighbor change, you will continue down the same path.

Or you could choose to travel the stars.


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