Refocusing Your Life – Channeled Material

To even the most casual bystander it is apparent that there are a lot of bad things happening on your planet these days. There are wars. Violence is endemic. Entire populations are fleeing their homelands in search of safe haven. The economic structure is benefiting a few at the expense of the many. Political systems are becoming more strident and polarized worldwide. Environmental protection appears to be a losing battle.

Thus it’s not surprising that people are reacting as if they are being attacked – battening down the hatches, circling the figurative wagons, and keeping themselves back in order to limit their exposure to …life. The mindset we are observing, no matter what the political affiliation, is one of fear, anger, anxiety and suspicion.

So please imagine us banging our collective heads against the wall, because that is exactly what we are doing. Protecting yourselves from the opportunity to live your lives is never the right course of action.

We aren’t arguing that bad things don’t happen or that there can’t be legitimate grounds for being anxious or upset, but that doesn’t mean that you should live in fear. You can be afraid of something, but still not live in fear. You can be angry at a situation, but still not live in anger. Giving free rein to anger, anxiety and fear will only cause your life to grow smaller and more restricted.

You were not born into this world to watch with wide eyes the antics of others. We have said it before and we will say it again – the Universe doesn’t care about politics. When you focus your anguished attention on those who scheme to acquire power and riches, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to grow, to create, and to dance.

Instead, we dare to suggest that you live your life in joy.

We can already hear the agitated grousing as you wipe up the coffee you just spat out.  But keep in mind that every single one of you is a sparkling ball of energy. Creating and learning and laughing and loving are the reasons you are here. Focus on that and you will be all right.

What? Circumstances are not yet right? Then pretend that they are so. If the political situation was exactly to your liking, would you spend your evenings glued to the television waiting for the next sordid story to unfold or would you be laughing with friends? If you were a successful writer, would dinnertime conversations with your spouse be complaints about your coworkers or possible new story lines? If your town was an effective and caring community, would you be grumbling about the mayor or would you be making sincere efforts to know and interact with your neighbors?

Which world would you rather live in? The one filled with sordid news stories, evil coworkers and incompetent mayors, or the one with the laughing friends, interesting dinnertime conversations and friendly communities? You have the power to create reality; you are doing so with each of your choices.

The fact is that if you can refocus your attention you can refocus your life. This is singularly important during this time of vibrational change because you are choosing to raise your vibration – or not. Should you choose the higher path, the joy and happiness that you cultivate will expand, while that which is dissonant will become indistinct and eventually fade away. If you choose to live in fear, your world will always be a scary place.

Decide on your focus and choose your world. You have both the power to create it and the option to let others do so for you. You can live your life, or limit it.

Your choice.



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  1. Well said and oh so true!

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