Call It a Storm Wind – Channeled Material

Recently someone asked me to describe the type of information that is given when I channel. Inspirational? ET disclosure? Self help? Alternative history? Common sense advice? Truth is, I felt stumped. What is it that I channel? I was puzzling over this when the answer came as if someone was sitting beside me and speaking the words, “Call it a storm wind.”

It’s easy to tell when a storm is coming. At first it’s just a slight breeze ruffling the still air. Maybe the birds become a bit more active and start calling out. Even if there is no outward change in the weather, you notice an increasing freshness, a faint ionization of the air around you.

Then the breeze picks up and the clouds turn darker. Dogs start barking as tree branches sway. You can probably hear thunder faintly in the distance as temperatures drop.

Then comes the rain – pouring, driving rain. Pelting and cold. The wind blows strong now, and everyone seeks shelter. Thunder crashes and lightening flares. Branches are torn from trees; shingles fly off houses. The cloudburst overruns the drains, courses down the streets, and floods low-lying areas. Thunder booms again as the wind gusts wildly.

But it doesn’t last too long – only several minutes – before the rain lightens, becoming a steady shower before tapering off to a light drizzle and then disappearing completely. The thunder moves on and is now only a gentle rumbling over the horizon. The sky lightens; the sun breaks through the clouds.

And the air is so fresh. A freshness that allows you to see clearly.

Notice what has just happened. Destruction and renewal arrived in the same package, and the storm wind brought it all.

stormOur words herald the storm wind.  Many of you already realize that your planet is in the first stages of the storm, but even for those who remain willfully ignorant, the signs are clear: political and ethnic intolerance, seemingly random violence, increasingly unpredictable weather, and the wholesale displacement of entire populations. These are not characteristics of warm, sunny weather, and those who are alert will take cover.

Let us be clear that when we talk about taking cover, we are not suggesting that you run and hide or that you wall yourself up in a fortress. While some of you might assist in developing communities that are located in a physical spot, taking cover does not necessarily involve physical locations. Just the opposite. For our purpose, taking cover describes the development of networks. Networks of family and friends. Networks of ideas. Networks of skills and activities. Networks of knowledge. We are talking about weaving these things so tightly together that they become a life raft in which you can safely ride out the storm.

Those of you who are familiar with our sessions may already realize that creating a life raft does not mean living safely, but living life out loud and at a higher level. Only by taking risks will you be able to create the energy that makes an extraordinary, full life. And it’s your extraordinary life that becomes the life raft that will raise you above the tempest.

When the storm is over, many things will be broken. (Actually, after seeing the direction in which your civilization is headed, we don’t think that’s such a bad thing.) While other things will remain whole, the greater profit will lie not in what you can restore, but in what has been swept clean and is ready to be brought to life. The decision is whether to restore what was or to create something new and amazing. This is the part where your strong networks will help you in moving forward.

The storm wind brings destruction and renewal. Know that you choose your path.




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  1. So glad you’re back. Thank you for this important message!

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