Body Field Therapy – An Update of My Experience

Back in March I posted an article about the body field and human health – the idea that the light emitted by our cells carries information that controls much of the biochemical body, and that human health can be improved by ensuring that this light is coherent rather than chaotic.  Can this be done?  In the name of science, I decided to go through NES – body field therapy – which involved going to see a practitioner once a month (the closest one to me was the Biophoton Therapy Center in Wayzata, Minnesota). At each appointment, I underwent a body field scan of which identified distorted energetic structures or pathways within my body field using a device that looked like an oversized computer mouse.  The practitioner, Margaret Wilson, then applied a device called the miHealth to unblock energy flow at each point indicated by the scan.  Finally, I was given small bottles of “Infoceuticals” to take – organic colloidal minerals that are imprinted (think homeopathy) with the correct specific aspects of the human body field to correct whatever distortions had been identified that month. I took a few drops of each every day.

From the very beginning Margaret had stressed that the treatment results would likely be very subtle – we were working on clearing pathways rather than trying to treat any specific ailment.  The goal was to ensure the body was working properly so that it could heal itself.  To date I’ve had eight treatments.

Was It Bedbugs or Was It a Healing Event?

I didn’t experience any results the first three months (except for some amazing sleep the first month – that tapered off and hasn’t been repeated).  I feared that I would have nothing positive to say for my follow-up.

My body field scan during my fourth appointment indicated that, among other things, I should be treated to help increase the effectiveness of my liver.  The miHealth device was applied and I was given the Infoceutical drops to take.

A week later I discovered what I assumed to be insect bites, mostly on my torso.  I’m super sensitive to bug bites, so I already knew the drill – all my bedding and clothing was put through the wash, I vacuumed thoroughly, then bug-bombed the house.

The bites continued, still mainly on my torso.  I searched the internet for a clue to what might be causing them.  Could it be …bedbugs?  I took a magnifying glass to my mattress to find evidence of bedbugs, but failed.  Nonetheless I threw away my pillows, sent my rugs out to be professionally cleaned, again put everything through the wash, again bug-bombed my house (including the garage and my car interior), and sprinkled a super-toxic powder around the house (all within a week of my first bug-bombing, which is a bad idea, but I was frantic).

The bites continued.

I forced myself to take a deep breath and reexamine the situation.  The bites appeared mainly on my torso, rather than all over my body.  They also looked like clear bumps with a little liquid in them – something that my bug bites sometimes morph into if I scratch them for several days, but the liquid-filled bumps were the initial and only form of these “bites.”  I decided to wait it out.

About a week later these bites subsided with little fanfare.  Was it a healing event?  I believe so – toxic chemicals had no effect on the “bites” I experienced and I was being treated for liver issues; the liquid-filled bumps could have been one way my body was detoxing.  While this is speculation, I have no other explanation.

Seriously Significant Results

After my sixth appointment I realized I no longer had to take my over-the-counter supplements for systemic candida.  I will spare you the details of my former symptoms, but trust me they are gone.

And after my seventh appointment I realized I was smelling something bad.  It was me!  Specifically, I once again had underarm odor like a normal person – something that I hadn’t experienced since my thyroid crashed 14 years ago.  (I had received treatment that took my thyroid up to the underperforming-but-acceptable range – my hair no longer fell out in clumps – but its performance never became optimal.)  So I took my temperature and found that it now consistently measure from around 98.4 to 99.9 (up from an average of about 92).  This has held steady for the past 6 weeks.

These last two improvements – the disappearance of my systemic candida and the recalibration of my thyroid – are major.  While they aren’t improvements that are apparent to people who look at me, they are an important indication that my body is slowly beginning to work as it should.  Many of us become accustomed to chronic conditions and view them as normal (a sign of aging!) or as irritations we can live with, rather than looking how we can restore our bodies to their natural healthy state.  I am looking forward to seeing what results the next several months bring.



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