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In our last session we described how the current situation is an opportunity for individuals to manifest grace with their personal actions. While that is true, we confess that we did not go far enough. The entire truth is that humanity has constructed a political and economic system that it no longer controls. The scope of this system is so deep and so profound that many of you are little more than modern-day serfs with a lifestyle that prevents you from developing and exercising your potential. Bound to an exploitative financial system with burdensome debt and overworking yourselves at unfulfilling jobs, you have no opportunity to think. On a political level your rulers have abandoned the principle of leadership and are openly seeking to increase their personal power at the expense of the common good.

And things will get worse before they get better.

This is also, however, a turning point in your history. Increasing numbers of you are seeking and achieving higher vibrations, and your daily conduct is reverberating throughout your communities. You are modeling degrees of self knowledge and conscious living that will become the standard to which others will strive. Your smallest act of kindness, your most modest example of living in the present – they will serve as new norms for others to emulate.

Unfortunately this will not be enough. While there are many of you who are consciously walking down your paths, there are countless more who are simply sleepwalking. While they may idly admire the qualities you are modeling, it will not be enough to jar them from the patterns that they have established in their lives. Their customary routines are familiar and comforting, and there is always some small modicum of possibility that bad times will not touch them personally.

This is why some of you – not all of you, but some of you – will need to do much, much more. We’re talking about how you will need to leave your homes and communities and go out into the world. You will need to seek out people – strangers – and talk to them. You will need to ask them questions, listen to their responses, and then ask them more questions. You need to be the catalyst that causes people to ask their own questions – and begin seeking out their own answers. Only in this way people will begin reflecting upon their existence, discovering their power, and start the process of raising their own vibrations.

catalystWe repeat that this is not a path that everyone should take. There are children to raise, businesses to run, and knowledge to pass on. Doing so while modeling a higher consciousness is a valuable service to everyone. Strengthening your own community is not only a worthwhile mission, society would collapse without your efforts.

But there are some of you who are relatively free of these responsibilities, and it is you to whom we are talking. It’s time to take your next steps. It’s time to quit your routine and divest yourself of your burdens. You don’t need to have a plan, but you do need to start. Start talking, start asking questions, and start listening. Then repeat.

Reality is being shaped by your joint efforts. By reaching out to others you will make this transition easier.




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  1. I would have appreciated some examples of questions we should ask…how to get the conversation started.

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