Cryptids With Steve Pearse – July 2019

What Synchronicity Looks Like – March 2019

Struggle vs. Manifestation – November 2018

The Science Behind the Betty Hill Star Map – October 2018

More Pyramid Experiments – May 2018

We Got It All Wrong – An Interview With Psychic Kym McBride – April 2019

Animal Communication With Lisa Reber – March 2018

Suppressing Knowledge – January 2018

Dowsing, Energy and Moving Forward – December 2017

Body Field Therapy – November 2017

jpeg reading man

Heaven Is For Healing – September 2017

Beyond the Phoenix Lights – April 2017

Your Body Field and Your Health – March 2017

Learning to Dowse – Missteps and Baby Steps – November 2016

The More Things Change… – September 2016

The Rice Experiment, Citizen Science and Giving Away Your Power – May 2016

Dissecting a Fringe Theory – Ancient Civilizations and ETs    – April 2016

A Unified Theory of Consciousness  April 2016

Beyond the Abduction Experience – An Interview With Kathleen Marden  March 2016

Dowsing: Human Communication With the Universe  February 2016

The Other Free Energy  February 2016

Tales of Transformation – The Reluctant Yogi  January 2016

Talking With a Dowser – An Interview With Greg Storozuk  December 2015

Not Your Father’s Dowsing Rod  December 2015

Earth Energies, Geopathic Stress and Illness  November 2015

“Since Time Immemorial” – What Ancient Maps Say About Humanity  October 2015

Pyramids in My Back Yard – More Experiment Results  September 2015

Interview With a Pyramid-Maker – and the Results of My First Two Experiments  August 2015

Pyramid Research – Around the World and in my Back Yard  August 2015

Singing the Cosmos Electric  July 2015

Floods, Comets and Human Civilization  June 2015

Sacred Geometry As Life – An Interview With Karen L. French  June 2015

A Tool You Can Use – EFT Tapping  May 2015

A Modest Proposal on Disclosure  May 2015

Tales of Transformation: How a Retired Schoolteacher Became a Professional Remote Viewer   April 2015

UFOs In Your Home Town?  April 2015

Rewriting History With Anomalous Artifacts  March 2015

ET Spacecraft: Stanton Friedman Presents the Evidence  February 2015

Ideas Worth Fearing – TED and Wikipedia Censor Information  February 2015

Fringe Science Gone Wrong  February 2015

Remote Viewing With Lyn Buchanan  January 2015

Beyond Psychic Spying – Remote Viewers and Cops  January 2015

Aren’t Crop Circles Just a Joke?   December 2014

Crop Circles and the Media  December 2014

Metaphysical Gifts for the Holidays    December 2014

Applying Occam’s Razor to Astronomy   November 2014

The Great Year in Astronomy     November 2014

Psychokinesis With Dr. Joseph Gallenberger  October, 2014

PSI Science  October, 2014

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