Are You Ready? – Channeled Material

At this time your planet is going through a vibrational shift and your reality is changing. It’s changing quite rapidly, actually, and you should be making an assessment of whether you are ready.

Being ready does not mean whether you would welcome an event happening or not. Instead it means that you are prepared – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There are some who herald a vibrational shift as meaning the arrival of a time when everyone will gather together and sing Kumbaya. They will be in for a shock when they see just how difficult things will be. Change is oftentimes painful, and this will be no different.

Are you ready physically? Maybe you’ve been putting off starting that diet and getting into shape. Now is the time. The health and strength of your physical body will help you weather the change. We would also recommend that you start walking; better yet – hiking. Take time to evaluate the state of your housing, your clothing and your food supply. What are the resources in your community? Get to know your neighbors and their skills.

Are you ready mentally? This question is about societal organization. You need to be able to lay aside your immediate self-interest to form and work in groups. Many people will assume that they already have this skill since they participate in groups in their jobs and at their offices. That assumption will be wrong in a surprisingly large number of cases; working in groups because you have it thrust upon you as a condition of paid employment is very different from working in groups to fill voids in society. One of the biggest challenges will be to decide on whom to follow, on who to listen to. You will be tempted to follow those who make you feel safe – people who look confident, talk loudly, and possibly have achieved a degree of success in conventional society. These people, however, will be invested in preserving the status quo – and success in the old reality will not translate into success during times of change. Instead, look for those who are open and flexible, who find ways to adapt. People who have the ability to act as societal midwives during the shift will best be equipped to lead you successfully into the new reality.

AreYouReady1Are you ready emotionally? This question is about longing for what will be lost – the loss of what you consider normal. No one will be completely emotionally ready, but those who have the greatest emotional troubles will be those who are strongly welded to the physical trappings of conventional lives and predictable schedules – work from nine to five, Starbucks during their breaks, zumba classes on Tuesdays, worship services on Sunday mornings, etc. What happens when that structure is no longer in place? You need to start thinking about that. Among those who will be hit especially hard are those people who have spent years proudly building their careers and honing their skills only to find that in the new reality all their work was for …nothing. Which is when we ask our final question:

Are you ready spiritually? To reply “yes” to this question you need to realize that living your life is what is important, and that the physical accumulation of “stuff” and a brilliant career are not actual indications of success. And slowness to accept this is what will likely cause the most difficulties for the majority of you. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating – you need to know yourself and know your value. What adds significance to your life? What gives you joy? Figure that out, focus on it, and celebrate it.

While this session appears to be of the “doom and gloom” variety, we actually feel quite uplifted.   While the shift will be difficult, countless numbers will arrive on the other side, not just having survived, but having thrived. New abilities will emerge, new ways to form community will have come into being, new reasons to rejoice will be uncovered. Humanity is so very worthwhile, and we look forward to the day when we meet with you openly.




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