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In my spiritual evolution I’ve always known that we are connected, that the Universe is one, and that nature is important, but I never really applied this knowledge to animals; it was like I didn’t see that part of life.  Then I heard Lisa Reber give a presentation for a metaphysical group and it blew me away.  How had I missed this?

You offer many services from Reiki healing to Akashic record readings (see bio at end for more information). But of all the services you offer, it seems you’re best known for your work with animal communications.  How did you become interested in that?

I grew up in a small town around animals.  My twin sister and I would spend a lot of time outside running around in nature.  There was a group of oak trees across the road that we liked to play in – we called them the “old men.”  When we went out to play, instead of telling our mother that we were going to play over at the oak trees, we told her we would be playing with the old men.  We considered everything to be alive and all nature to be animate.

Later I worked at a holistic pet food store.  The store owner contacted a pet communicator to come from Madison to speak with us.  I watched first as the woman “spoke” with each of the owner’s pets.  Later she gave a presentation to the public about what she did.  I was very interested but went away disappointed – I didn’t understand what she was talking about.  I wanted to learn.

Did you take specific classes to learn how to communicate with animals, or did you do it on your own?

I was self-taught.  Coincidentally (or maybe not – there are no coincidences!) that very same week my spirituality book club came out with its reading list, and on it was “Learning Their Language” by Marta Williams, a well-known animal communicator.  I ordered the book and read it from cover to cover.  In it, Marta gives her readers several practical exercises.  I did them all…and failed miserably.  But I didn’t give up.  I took the suggestions listed in the book but worked to find my own way.  Over time it came to me more easily – at least when I had the animal in front of me.  Distance readings were more difficult until I underwent my Level 1 attunement into Reiki (the practitioner’s initiation – this is available to anyone – at which time I found myself becoming much more intuitive and distance readings became exponentially easier for me.

What did people say when they found out you were now an animal psychic?

I didn’t care.  I didn’t go around advertising that I talked to animals, but I trusted the universe that it would send me the clients I needed.  My husband was actually my biggest support and advertiser, telling people he knew that they should book a session with me.  He is the one who actually told my mother about it by sending her a copy of an interview I had done for a radio show in Oregon.  My mother also became a big supporter.  When we visited her in Arizona, she would have ready a list of people who needed readings for their pets.

And that was enough to get your pet communication business going?

Truthfully, the first time I did a reading for money it was like stepping off a cliff blindfolded.  But one thing always leads to another.  Early on I did a reading for a woman’s cat and, unbeknownst to me, she posted about it on a site for Ragamuffin Cat owners.

That was how I became the pet communicator of choice for Ragamuffin breeders and owners across North America.

Why do your clients come to you? What issues bring them to ask you to communicate with their pets?

Many pet owners just want to understand their animals better – they want to know if they’re happy.  People also contact me about their pets’ health, end of life issues, or behavioral problems – lots of behavioral problems.

One client contacted me because the horse she was training would perform beautifully in practice sessions, but would refuse to take the jumps in the actual shows.  The horse would just stop dead before the jumps, almost throwing his rider.  I connected with the horse and began talking to it, but I couldn’t understand the replies I was receiving – it was like it was speaking in some sort of guttural, germanic language.  Then I “heard” a voice say, “Ask for an interpreter,” so I did, asking the Universe to give me help understanding this horse.  At that point the horse’s replies were relayed to me in clear English.  The horse communicated to me that his rider was so stressed out and fearful of missing the jumps during the shows that she was projecting that to him.  I advised the rider (the owner’s daughter) that her job was to visualize a job well done and to leave the jumps to the horse.  She did so, and they successfully competed in their next show.

I mentioned to the horse’s owner that I had had problems understanding the horse at first and had needed to ask for an interpreter.  My client laughed, then told me they had just purchased the horse a year before from a breeder in central Europe.

Another client contacted me because one of her cats, Tasha, was pooping on her bed every single morning.  When I connected with Tasha, I was told that she was being picked on by one of the other cats and wanted to be kept in the bedroom at all times with the door closed so that no one could torment her.  I sent her some Reiki healing (I am a Reiki master) to help her with the stress and told my client what she needed to do.  Everything was fine – for three months, at which time Tasha began pooping on the bed again.  The cat told me that her owner had become lax about keeping the bedroom door closed, and the other cat was tormenting her again.  Once again I sent her some Reiki healing and then reminded my client to keep the bedroom door closed.  Three more months and the client contacted me again, protesting that she had been keeping the door shut so she didn’t know why Tasha had begun pooping on the bed again.  When I connected with her, Tasha told me she wanted her owner to learn to do what I had done to her (the Reiki healing) because it was so soothing.  I relayed her response to my client who burst out, “I was just looking into Reiki teachers in the area!”  I sent her the name of a local teacher who belonged to the Reiki style in which I had trained.  She replied that the person I referred her to was giving a presentation at her local library and she had signed up to hear him the day before.

A coincidence?

What is the biggest complaint animals have about their humans?

Most of our animals want more interaction with their owners.  They want people to stop looking at the screen – whether it be computer, TV or phone – and play with them.  And they don’t want people to play with them out of duty, mechanically throwing them a ball for 15 minutes a day or taking them on the daily walk around the block as required for health reasons.  They want their people to interact with and be there for them.

End of life issues is another complaint that animals have.  I’ve never met an animal who was afraid to die, while their owners often hang onto them well past their time, causing them needless pain and suffering.  One client came to me to read for her 6-year old cat.  When I connected, I received feelings of overwhelming distress and “I can’t do this anymore; she needs to let me go.”  I gave this information to my client who told me that her cat had been born with a cleft palate and had been fed via a feeding tube since the day she was born.  For six years.  My client protested she couldn’t let her cat die because she loved her too much.  We talked a bit more and I told her to think about it.  A week later at 11:15 in the morning I heard a soft “Thank you” come into my mind.  It had the same energy signature of my client’s cat.

That afternoon my client called and told me she had made the decision to let her cat pass away – and that her beloved pet had died at 11:15 that morning.

Have you done a reading that has been particularly rewarding for you?

I once did a reading for a dog named Mabel who had been rescued from the greyhound racing circuit by my client.  Kristy (my client) had also tracked down Mabel’s mother (who had been rescued by someone else) and brought the dogs together to socialize several times.  Kristy wanted to know how Mabel felt about being reunited with her mother – or even if she knew that the other dog was her mother.

Of course, Mabel and her mother recognized each other.  Many people believe that animals don’t remember companions from long ago – or recognize family ties – but they do.  Both Mabel and her mother were happy and relieved to connect with each other again.  During the reading, Mabel took the opportunity to denounce the greyhound racing industry, saying that people need to realize that that type of life is very difficult for dogs, and that both mistreatment and neglect are common.  Their babies are just considered money, which breaks the dogs’ hearts.  Mabel wanted her owner to work with her mother’s owner to work to get the word out about the awful conditions these dogs suffer.

This was very touching – not only the mother-child reunion aspect, but for their concern for those they left behind.

Have you ever conducted a reading that just struck you as funny?

I once did a reading for a dog named Sitka whose lively, non-stop personality reminded me of a young child with ADHD.  In the same session I also read for the family’s cat, Kitsy.

Me: “Sitka, what do you want your owner to know?”

Sitka: “Mom should stop yelling!  Does she know she’s screaming all the time?”

Me: “Sitka, why are you always chewing and biting on stuff?”

Sitka: “I’m not biting, I’m playing!  These people just sit around.”

Me: “Why do you chase the cat around?”

Sitka: “It’s fun!  I have nothing else to do!”

Kitsy (in a grumpy, sarcastic voice): “Stupid oaf!”

Sitka:  “Can I have a brother?”

I gave this information to Sitka’s owner and she started laughing, “Have you been peeking in my windows?  It’s like you’ve been watching us for a week.”  She confirmed that the family had been talking about getting another dog (hence the baby brother remark), and admitted that even if she didn’t speak up when things got chaotic with the kids and the animals, internally she was fuming that everyone should just shut up.  And Sitka heard that because animals know what we’re thinking.

Wait – animals can read our minds? (Cue me, remembering back in dismay and wondering what embarrassing things I’ve been thinking when animals were present.)

Yes, animals know what you’re thinking, which explains why you’re never able to find the cat when it’s time to go to the vet.  But it’s not like they automatically read minds of everyone in the room, they need to focus and tune in to your energy.  They have to want to know  – and they are selective at what they bother looking at.

Truth is, the entire universe and everything in it is conscious – and we are all telepathic.  Animals are telepathic; plants are telepathic.  Humans are telepathic but we have language getting in our way.  The British parapsychology researcher, Rupert Sheldrake, wrote a book “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home” that explains it better than I can.

You’ve conducted readings for farm animals in the past. Do they know that they’re going to be butchered for food, and how do they feel about it?

Yes, they know.  But that’s the agreement they had when they incarnated into their lives.  However, they would like people to acknowledge to 1) treat them better while they are alive here on earth, and 2) acknowledge their sacrifice.  I do that by thanking my food before I eat.

So I don’t need to become a vegetarian?

No, you can still eat meat, but vegetarians still don’t get off the hook.  As I said earlier, everything is conscious – which means plants too.  We need to thank and be mindful of all our food sources for giving us their energy so that we can better live out our lives.

How do you think animals fit in with us in this world? What is their role – or what should be their role?

Our animals are here to teach us.  Unfortunately, we’re not good students.  Animals are here to each us about love and acceptance.  They don’t see races.  They don’t see handicaps.  An animal will look at a child and see love.  An animal will look at another child with Down Syndrome and still see only love.  Animals in the wild want us to understand that there is a natural order – a natural unfolding to the universe that they aren’t afraid of.  What humans do still affects those animals living in the wilderness.

You are self-taught. What advice would you give to people who would also like to learn how to communicate with their pets?

First of all, learn what you can by reading – I was strongly influenced by Learning Their Language, but there are other good books out there.  I also found it beneficial to learn Reiki, but any type of energy healing where you become sensitive to different types of energies would be helpful.  It’s important to start understanding and seeing the connectedness of consciousness.

And above all, be open minded.

Anatomy of an Animal Reading

When I asked Lisa to do this interview, I indicated that I’d be asking for specifics on how she actually conducted a reading.  She generously invited me to bring along a photo of my (now deceased) cat, Eesti, so that she could do a reading on the spot.  This is how it went.

  • I gave Lisa my cat’s photo, and she asked me for her name (Eesti), age when she died (12) and date when she died (4 ½ years).
  • Lisa then asked me think of Eesti with my heart and to say out loud, “Eesti, you have my permission to talk with Lisa.” This was because in a couple of past readings she would connect with the specific animal but it wouldn’t talk to her unless the owner said it was okay first.
  • Lisa tapped a singing bowl (to clear the energy in the room) and appeared to meditate a bit.
  • Lisa used a pendulum to verify that she had connection to the correct animal. For Lisa, a clockwise movement of the pendulum indicates “yes,” a back and forth movement, “no.”  She also uses the pendulum to ask whether it’s okay to talk with the animal at that time.  Sometimes – especially if she is conducting a reading for all the pets in the house – animals will refuse to talk with her until another animal goes first: sometimes for the sake of hierarchy, other times because one animal is so excitable it won’t stop talking and it’s annoying to the others, or simply because they don’t want to go first.
  • Lisa then wrote out a page of notes, pausing now and then to look inward or to check her pendulum.

The result?

There wasn’t anything that Lisa said that was incorrect, but some things one could argue were fairly generic – Eesti liked living with us, she got cranky with my kids because they didn’t know when to stop playing with her, and she didn’t like having strange people in her space (the house) although strange people outside were fine.  There were, however, a few rather specific comments.  The first was that Eesti was proud of the way she had handled herself with all the moves she had to make.  As she had traveled with my family during my Foreign Service career, Eesti had made three international moves, one cross-country move and three long-term boarding stays.  Yes, that was definitely my cat.  But it was another comment that clinched it and made me a true believer:

That other cat was a bitch.”

Hahaha!  Yeah, my two cats hated each other.

What’s my take away from all this?  I haven’t been paying attention!  There is consciousness flowing and ebbing around me and I considered it unimportant.  I have been going along my path, completely unaware that there is this big hole in it, and now I feel a bit embarrassed.

Even though I no longer have any pets, I’ll be taking Lisa’s class on animal communication next month.


Lisa’s intuitive abilities began developing after she went through a near death experience fifteen years ago.  She now offers Animal / Pet Communication, Intuitive Soul Readings, Akashic Record Readings, Soul Clearings, Property Clearings, Reiki Healing and Past Life Soul Regressions.  You can read more about Lisa and the services she offers at

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