Nancy Nelson, Psychic, ChannelWhat does a U.S. diplomat do when she retires?  In my case, I became a psychic, a channel, and a writer on esoteric issues.  After 25 years as a Foreign Service Officer, I wanted to explore paths other than those typically followed by retirees from my profession –  I didn’t want to lecture college students, become a travel guide, or write learned books on the political situations of far-off places.  And I didn’t want to someday find myself on my deathbed wondering what my life would have been like had I ….. (fill in the blank).  So, into the fray I went.

Reactions from my former colleagues was mostly what I had expected.  Many burst out laughing; a few basically treated me as if I had suddenly come down with a rather virulent form of a deadly, contagious disease.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised by many expressions of support I received, and the genuine curiosity about how I had come to be at this point.  The reaction from a Canadian diplomat with whom I had worked in the past was the best, “So that’s how you always seemed to know what the final position of the Canadian delegation would be!”

As an intuitive, I don’t foretell the future.  Instead, I use claircognizance to provide people with guidance on how to approach situations that will allow them to live their highest possible lives.  When channeling, I am fully conscious of all that I’m doing.  The topics and the direction of the discussion, however, come from somewhere else.  Often the channeled material is about spiritual and personal development; other times it’s about …aliens.  The articles I write are about whatever interests me (I’m retired after all!) – alternative theories in astronomy, UFOs, and the science behind psi phenomena.

I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoy creating it.


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