A Note to Heroes – Channeled Writing

There has been a lot of bad news lately, and you don’t need more of it.  You’re also burdened with a long to-do list (we admit to having added a few things to that list ourselves), but haven’t been able to scrape up enough energy to take the required steps forward.  You’re feeling dull.  You’re feeling heavy.  You’re feeling like you just can’t give what it takes to succeed at life.

Which is why today we are talking about how amazing you are.  Today we are reminding you of the incredible things you are experiencing in your lives.  The fact is, you are heroes who no longer notice how you summon up courage and face down your fears every single day.  You no longer remember that every person in your world is brave and determined and full of spirit.  You have forgotten to open your eyes to the beauty of your reality and of each other.

Your world is an astonishingly difficult place in which to live.  It is so dense and every little thing takes effort.  Creation for you takes laborious action rather than the light and flowing process we enjoy.  Imagine what life would be like if you needed to think of every single action you took in order for it to be so: Inhale, beat your heart, bend your elbow, balance your body, move your arm forward, exhale, beat your heart, move your arm downward, inhale, crook your fingers, beat your heart, move your hand forward, press your fingers with tension around the mug, exhale, beat your heart, move your arm up, guide your mug to your mouth, inhale, beat your heart, press the mug to your lips, gauge the temperature of the liquid inside the mug, exhale, beat your heart, tip the mug slightly towards your mouth, tighten your lips, press the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, beat your heart, allow some of the liquid in your mug to flow into your mouth.

Congratulations – you have just taken a sip of your coffee!

And that is how we view the density and complexity of your existence of your life on Earth compared with ours.  Many of us will never be so brave and purposeful as is humanity, and we respect and admire you for it. (And sometimes we are even a little bit intimidated.)

Your world is also an astonishingly beautiful place in which to live.  You are probably thinking we are talking about the incredible variety of geography, plants and wildlife your planet provides.  Yes, Earth’s mountains and oceans and trees and animals are wonderful, but what we are actually referring to when we talk about your world’s beauty is the staggering amount of vibrations.

They are stunning, brilliant and overwhelming at the same time.  Your planet pulses with them and is bathed with them, from the rotation of its core to the lights that reach it from distant stars.  Every living thing sounds its own vibrational note, as do the inanimate.  The stones throb with knowledge and water gives light to forms.  The wind moves thorough everything weaving the patterns together.

The density and the vibrations of your environment would make it difficult for many of us to cope, yet even the weakest among you negotiates this reality without a second thought. This is more than enough for anyone to handle, but there is something else that humanity is facing – the vibrational levels are increasing as the Earth moves within the universe.

Do you still wonder why we consider every one of you to be heroes?  You are experiencing an incredibly difficult environment and you move through it as though it were normal.

But your situation is not normal – and neither are you.  We are both eager and anxious to see how humanity – the heroes – resolve this.

And we are betting on you.



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